Vazhaithandu salad-Healthy recipes

Vazhaithandu is very good for health because it is full of fibre.Banana stem is known as Vazhaithandu in south India,has a lot of health benefits and having it regularly helps one prevent kidney stones,lower blood pressure and improve immunity. It is fibre  rich and gives a feeling of fullness helping one in weight loss.We can make Soup,Koottu,stir fry or poriyal and Thayir Pachadi.Here I want to give a simple and easy recipe,  how to prepare Vazhaithandu as salad.


Vazhaithandu or Banana steam it should be soft and tender- 1 medium size

Onion shallots-4 nos

Green chillie2 nos

Salt-1/2 tsp

Juice of 1 lemon


Take Vazhaithandu cut in to round slices it helps to remove excess fibre.images (89)Then chop  Round cut Vazhaithandu, onion,Curry leaves and Green chillies as small as you can.


Now add Salt and lemon juice mix well and serve .

This will be tasty and healthy can eat regularly.

Tips :

Curd also can be added in the place of lemon and seasoned with mustard and hing.





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