Instant recipes -No Cooking or Boiling

About this Page What can you find here?

Recipes to prepare in a few minutes of effort or less effort. Simple and healthy recipe with fabulous taste. This satisfies your expectations, saves your time and energy, upon all very healthy is the main point. As we know most of the recipes without cooking is said to be healthy, it retains the vitamins and minerals as such to consume. No need to compromise the taste, it has the unique taste to satisfy our taste buds.

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When and where to try?

These recipes are very useful to try during…

1. Running with short time to cook.

2. Hungry, Really want tasty food in minutes.

3. Availability of limited kitchen items like ingredients or utensils even lack of water or and fuel!!!

4. Vegetarian who prefers simple home cooking, especially budding chefs.

5. Depleating energy on more work tension and not interested to try variety cooking or hardcore preparation.

Recipe links Provided below to enjoy the instant cooking, no cooking or boiling is necessary here, Click the links to just mix and eat

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6).Pachai Thovayal

7). Uppu Puli Karaithal:

What can be this?

Surprising right!!! But simple and instant side dish we can make it in minutes. Aromatic side dish without any feul energy.


Salt-1/2 tsp

Tamarind-inch size

Cumin seeds-1/4 tsp crushed

Red chilli -2

Curry Leaves-1 twig

Shallots-3 crushed/Pound

Water -500ml

Take a deep vessel, Add in the above-mentioned ingredients half a measure of water.

Crush or mash well with your hand such that the added ingredients(tamarind, onion, and curry leaves) incorporate to give the fresh taste. Add the balance water we have mix well and serve.

Diluted form of side dish which matches with Idli, Dosa.

Instant form of side no need to cook or fry/Boil. Aromatic and easy to prepare in no time.