This exhibition was truely awesome, nobody can do like this even the small small works have shown concentration—Manickam Vishnu

Great works. The ammount of patience and efforts are reflected on the creations.We cannot appriciate the works with words. Every piece itself a great work —K.Nagarajan

Just wow,nothing else to say.Its just awesome!No one can beat this.The amount of hardwork is something which can’t be explained. And let this not be the end, Let it be the beginning. Best of luck for you people.And we expect a greater exhibition next year —Abhinaya

Very nice keep it up,I have never seen this kind of Exhibition.Art is too much traditionalI love it! — Sarada.B

Once i enter in to the hall i got surprised to see all the items in the exhibition,work is very simple and good i like all items very much.Thanks for smooth talking and everything — Jaya Rani.B

Surprised to see…..Its very nice,Ecspecially bags are very nice.Excellent work,very creative works.Embroiedry works also very nice —Rubini Dhanakumar

Dear mam,
Everything is very nice.We all loved it a lot.It is very creative and attractive.Thankyou for showing all creative works beautiful things.We want to learn all things ma’am —Pradhakshya, Amrutha and Maryam

Dear Madam, awesome, Excellent and beautiful,doing a great job,teacherslike you are asset to society —D.S.Rao

Really it is great. Espescially to Mrs.visalakshi for her intrest & great co-ordination & training to Indian community in Kuwait keep it up —L.Ashok kumar

The work done by all ur guys are amazing! All works very pretty and i am a  girl feel that this is something we all are gonna do after we become like up u! You ladies have inspired me a lot! Wish I can see a bigger and prettier and a grand exhibition next year too! With lots of love —S.Pavithra

Exellent work with lot if creative ideas. Efforts put and the items displayed speak about themselves. It is awesome and inspiring. The way it is displayed is wonderful. I am short of words to convey my appreciation. Eagerly awaiting to join the creative world. Lots of love —Smitha

Amazing work,explained very well.Hard work reflected in each and everything —G.Nalini

All the works are just amazing! Each and every piece looks great. All the hardwork done to make these wonderful things and to arrange it is all seen in each and every work. Even every small things looks very good. All works are so proffesional that it is hard to believe that they were done by students! Hope to see more such wonderful exhibition in the future. Keep up the wonderful work! God bless all of you and may you keep doing all these kinds of wonderful creative stuff! Lots of love —Keerthiga

Wonderfuly designed and displayed craft and art work beautifully done;Creative patterns have come out well. IF it would have been for sale I would have certainly picked up a few for my home —Sugumar

Exellent jobs done Sala,it is a gifted talent,would love to be your student as well,will contact regarding this —B.Kavitha

Exellent efforts and intiative Team work.Display indicates the hidden talents that need to be brought out by organising many such events.All the very best for future as well —Srinivasan

Very good effort,good team work. Exellent conduct every year so that we can enjoy very good art and craft work —R.Yogalakshmi

The works are done with extreme with extreme perfection.This displays the intrest and energy of both the trainer and the participants. Great effort in a country were there no other useful/productive means of entertainment. Hats off to the team. Special note-the way the exhibition has been displayed has a touch of proffesionalism requiring another special rond of applause!!! —Shenbaghavalli.S

All displays are verynice.Very well done —N.Padmavathy

Very good,Excellent Design and very nice —R. Gowri

Great work done by all!It is very beautiful —G. Ponilakiya

Wow!It is awsome A great job done by all the students beautifull work keep it up!—Harshan

It is very nice,Even the book is also very nice and superb good work done by all keep it up! —G.Sandhya

Nice to see everythings, Keep it up!—R.Kamali

Everything looks good and try to make it a great exhibition with more exhibits —Wimansa

Very nice keep it up! Thankyou —S.Sumathi

Good…..Great work….Go ahead without fail…Your new innovations make others too learn….So keep it going.
Lovingly —S.Suseela Nagappan

Beyond words, Simply Superb,Chanceless —Ananthikandhasamy


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Judie M says:

    mam i would like to know what is ” masala poder ” meant in Chicken Kuzhambu /chettinattu Kozhikuzhambu. Please let me know.

    1. Masala powder is, what we use in regular cooking sambar masala powder.For your reference,recipe for sambar masala powder is given in my blog .

  2. eyton shalom says:

    dear vishalvalli,

    i am one “vellai-karan” who lived in kaanadukathan in 1977 and 83. best memories. our cook used to make kathrikai kosumalli with our thosai…can you post your recipe for same? mekka nanri

    1. I have posted in my blog already you can search as Kosumalli or I will provide you the link .

  3. kamala munusamy says:

    hi thanks ….hi may i know how to prepare fish curry masala powder and chicken or mutton curry masala powder.

    1. Hi Kamala, traditionally we use to prepare fresh ground masala for Chicken and Mutton curry. Which gives fresh aroma and wonderful flavour than powdered masala stored for months.
      We do not prepare specific masala powder actually nowadays people are practiced to buy masala powder to make cooking more easier.

  4. kamala munusamy says:

    i hope you will reply soon.thank you.

  5. Sunitha says:

    plz add me to ur mailing list to receive ur posts regulary

  6. Ramu says:

    We need tamil book the same and one pranam book also required so pl send deatils

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