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Easy step to follow How to fry Paapad without any shrinks!!!

I was so surprised to see the Appalam/Paapad served in some functions how they serve paapad as seen in the pack as before we fry, so fresh without any shrinks even after frying in the high temperature of oil! we used to fry by break in to 4 as quaters or 2 halves to get bit straight shape in less oil to drain easily. It is difficult to strain oil from such shrinked Appalam is another disadvantage. Now I got the method to follow, so easy step which I felt happy to share with you.

Just press and hold the Paapad with the ladle as soon as you drop the paapad in to the hot oil, that’s it!!! you get the perfect shape as such. No difficulties to drain oil from Appalam. Use this curved ladle even more convenient to fry in less quantity of oil and to drain oil)

Roti Mania:

Roti or Chapathi is a staple food for Indians, versatile use of this roti can be prepared in many flavours. Flavoured roti is really interesting and delicious with any type of side dish or yoghurt. Choose your desired flavour from this roti mania list to create your meal enjoyably. Healthy Roti’s like dal Roti, Butter Roti, Mealmaker( Soya Chunks) Roti, Mixed vegetables puree roti. Flavoured Roti’s like Garlic Roti, Banan Roti, Cumin and Kalonji Roti gives completely different in variety and taste on regular preparation.

Roti Mania
                                                                                                                      Roti Mania

1. Banna Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup


Salt-1/4 tsp

Water3/4 cup

Oil-2 tsp

Mash banana and mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.


Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.

2. Butter Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup


Butter-2 tbsp

Mix butter and mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.

Sweet Corn Paratha

3. Egg Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup


Pepper-1/4 tsp crushed

Finely chopped onion can be added to your choice

Egg- 2 nos

Mix beaten eggs reduce water and mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.


4. Mealmaker Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup


Oil-2 tsp

Meal maker(Soya chunks) – 1/2 cup dry grind it to a fine powder.

Mix powdered soya chunks with wheat flour, sprinkle water and mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.


5. Garlic Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup


Garlic-4 pods or paste-2 tsp

Mix garlic paste and mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.


6.Vegetable extract Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup


Mixed vegetables boiled with water-1/2 cup

oil-2 tsp

Boil desired vegetables like carrot, potato, beans and cauliflower grind it to a smooth pulp and mix with wheat flour add water if necessary.

OR Mix wheat flour with vegetable broth.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.

7. Sugar and Coconut Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup

Sugar-1 tsp

Grated coconut -1 tbsp

Salt-1/4 tsp

Water- 3/4 cup

Oil-2 tsp

Mix sugar and coconut with wheat flour and mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

OR Coconut and sugar can be stuffed to get a natural bite of it.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.

8. Yoghurt Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup

Yoghurt-1/2 cup

Kalonji-1/4 tsp

Salt-1/4 tsp

Oil-2 tsp


Mix Yoghurt salt and kalonji mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.

9. Dal Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup

Boiled channa dal-1/2 cup

Cumin seeds or ajwain-1/2 tsp crushed

Salt-1/4 tsp

Water – 1/4 cup

Oil-2 tsp

Boil Channa dal drain water and mash it to a thick puree.

Mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.


10.Paneer Roti:

Whole wheat flour -1 cup

Paneer (grated)-1/4 cup

Chopped coriander leaves -1 tbsp

Ajwain-1/2 tsp crushed

Salt-1/4 tsp

Water3/4 cup

Oil-2 tsp

Add grated paneer with wheat flour and mix along with other ingredients mentioned to enhance the flavour and taste of your regular roti.

Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes and make roti. Serve hot with your preferable side dish.


  1. Do not wash the vegetables after peeling or chopping. This will wash out all the water soluble vitamins.
  2. Whenever vegetables or dal is cooked in water, many nutrients are left back in the water. So do not throw it away. Instead use it when making some gravies or soups.
  3. Potatoes have their nutrients in their skin. So try using potatoes without peeling it.
  4. Eat fruits like apples along with its skin.
  5. Tamarind can be substituted with raw mango powder.
  6. Grind ginger and garlic with little oil so that colour will not be changed.
  7. Add ghee in the final stage of cooking to retain its fresh  aroma

Agal Vilakku:

Karthigai Deepam is a festival of the lamp, glittering oil lamps all over the house makes wonderful, bright and divine ambience.

Clean lamp after usage without any strain, make it clear as before,


Boil water with a teaspoon of soda and soap powder.

Drop gently all lamps in boiling water. When it starts the boiling point switch off the stove, let it stay for an hour or two.


Clean with the brush and wash once again, drain water  and allow it to dry completely on a newspaper.

No oil, no mess or stinking oil smell on your next use.

Find some use of Baking Soda: . . .

Lady’s Finger or Okra for hair treatment:

Bouncy hair:

If you are tired of your distressed hair, try using okra to get that bounce back. Boil okra with some water and the transparent mucilage that you get can be used to get your bouncy hair back.

 Hair conditioner:

The same mucilage can be used as hair conditioner. Wash your hair and squeeze out excess water. Massage the watery mucilage through your hair and rinse thoroughly with water.

Scalp moisturiser:

Okra is an excellent moisturizer for your dry and itchy scalp. It leaves your hair feeling soft and isn’t harmful like other cosmetics available in the market. It is great for people with unruly, curly and lifeless hair.

Fights dandruff:

Okra improves the overall scalp condition and fights dandruff. It moisturizes your scalp and keeps dandruff away.

Shiny Hair:

Okra, when used as a hair rinse, gives great shine to your hair. You can give your regular conditioner a miss once in a while and take care of your hair the natural way.

Onion for Hair Growth:

Use onion juice for hair growth, it works the best treatment for hair fall too,Extract juice of one onion apply on your scalp leave it for 25 minutes wash off with warm water use a mild shampoo.

Grind Onion with Egg whites, Egg white acts as a good hair conditioner.Apply on your scalp leave for 30 minutes and wash.




Ants Problem:
Ants hate Cucumbers.”KEEP the skin of Cucumbers near the Place where they are,or at Ant Hole.

To make the Mirror Shine:
“Clean with Sprite”

To remove Chewing
Gum from Clothes:”Keep the Cloth in the Freezer for One Hour”

To Whiten White Clothes:
“Soak White Clothes in hot water with a Slice of Lemon for 10 Minutes”

To give a Shine to your Hair:
“Add one Teaspoon of Vinegar to Hair, then wash Hair”

To get maximum Juice out of Lemons:

“Soak Lemons in Hot Water for One Hour, and then juice them”

To avoid smell of Cabbage while cooking:
“Keep a piece of Bread on the Cabbage in the Vessel while cooking”

To remove Ink from Clothes:
“Put Toothpaste on the Ink Spots generously and let it dry completely, then wash”

To get rid of Mice or Rats:
“Sprinkle Black Pepper in places where you find Mice & Rats. They will run away”

Take Water Before Bedtime..
“About 90% of Heart
Attacks occur Early in the Morning & it can be reduced if one takes a Glass or two of Water before going to bed at Night”

We Know Water is important but never knew about the Special Times one has to drink it.. !!

Did you ???

Drinking Water at the Right Time Maximizes its effectiveness on the Human Body;

1 Glass of Water after waking up helps to activate internal organs..

1 Glass of Water 30 Minutes before a Meal -helps digestion..

1 Glass of Water before taking a Bath- helps lower your blood pressure.

1 Glass of Water before going to Bed -avoids Stroke or Heart Attack.

Know your measurement:

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Raitha :Tips to reduce hotness and pungent smell from Onion.

How to prepare Raitha?

Biryani without raitha is not completed,As we are using sliced raw onions for biryani raitha,Onion has naturally pungent smell and hotness in it, after eating this onion raitha we feel,the smell of onion from our breath,to avoid this,Thin slice onion sprinkle some salt mix well and give a wash in running water,squeeze out all water,add 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice,Salt,cubed Cucumber and grated carrots sprinkle some finely chopped coriander and finally add curd before serving .


Methi Powder in Sambar for wonderful Aroma and Taste:

While seasoning for any Sambar add 1/4 tsp of fine ground Methi powder along with asafoetida, then add few chopped onion and golden fry in oil to enhance the taste and Aroma of the sambar, not only to enhance the taste and Aroma,but also Methi powder extents the freshness  duration of sambar.

 For learners cooking register:Have glance on the below link……..

Natural Yeast:

Get a coconut break it to drain water from it,Add 2 teaspoon of Sugar mix well in coconut water leave it closed for 24 hours,mix with Appam batter.This makes Appam more tasty and soft naturally.No need to go for Appam Soda or Yeast for softness.

Tips to Avoid curdling coconut milk in curries,stews or in kheer and Payasam.

Add coconut milk in the boiling curries.

To avoid curdling,In a cup take 1/2 tsp of corn flour and 1tsp of water mix well and add this mixer as soon as you add coconut milk and stir it well,so that it has to mix all together.This will help you to avoid curdling when it gets boiled well.

This will give you Glossy texture and creamy taste.

 Mavu Kolam:(diluted rice flour Rangoli)


Fine grind soaked raw rice along with 1 table spoon of Maida flour.


Grind soaked raw rice  make tiny balls (or any other small shapes) and spread it on a clean paper to dry,store it for your use whenever you need.

Note:You can add colour powder to mix with ground flour.

Dissolve few pieces of dried rice balls add 1/2 tsp of maida dissolve and make your rangoli.

This will help you not to stick on or smudge,when we tramp on it.

Home remedy for cough:

1.Boil 1/4 cup of water and milk 3/4 water with one pinch of turmeric powder 2 pinches of pepper, cumin crushed powder,until it reduces to 3/4 th cup, add panagkarkandu (palm candy) and drink before you sleep.

2.Palm candy helps to reduce throat pain.

3.Apply gingelly oil on throat.

4.Gargle with warm salt water,every day morning.(30 seconds each gargle with this water,3 times)

5.Drink plenty of hot water and soup often.

6.Heat pan in low flame,take clean towel, keep towel on hot pan to observe heat,check bare able heat, keep on  your head and face,this will reduce running nose. My mother-in-law will use Hari cane lamp for this,keep towel on top of it to observe heat.

7.Cut small onion eat with palm candy  for throat infection.

8.Chop small onion(shallots)sprinkle it  on dosa,have this for dinner or breakfast it is good for throat pain and reduces cough.

9.Inhaling the steam will loosen the Flem in your chest, nose, throat etc and helps in the elimination of Flem from the body.

If you want you can add aromatic oils like eucalyptus oil to the water and inhale the steam.
You can also have hot showers to loosen the Flem in the body.
Eucalyptus has antiseptic property and the vapours of the oil will prevent the production of throat mucous.

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Prevent  discolouration:

1.Dip,cut Apple in salted water for few minutes drain and serve tastes great and colour will not be changed on expose to air.

2.Ginger garlic paste will become green in colour when exposed,to avoid this add 1 tsp of oil while grinding in to paste,keep closed and use dry spoon always.

3.While cooking rice add 1/2 tsp of salt to it,will be clear white in colour.

4.when cooking greens do not close, add salt finally.

5.keep cut palakkai,raw banana,banana stem in water mixed with 1 teaspoon of butter milk, to prevent discolouration.

6.Steam cook vegetables so that colour will not change.

7. Boil vegetables in water with one teaspoon of salt, drain water wash it with cold water immediately to maintain bright colours as such.

Make crispy Urad vada:

Soak 2 tsp of Toor dal and 2 tsp of raw rice along with 1 cup of Urad dal for Vada.(this will help in less absorption of oil)

Drain water completely from soaked urad grind by sprinkling water little by little.

Powder some meal maker in mixer,add to the ground vada batter mix and make vada it will be crispy and more tasty,this will observe excess water in ground batter.

Kalkandu vadai: Instead of adding water, add powdered sugar candy little by little while grinding batter.

 How to fry Ladies finger easily?

1.Cut and dry ladies finger in a clean cloth or paper for 30 minutes to reduce gluey nature of ladies finger.

2.Add curd while cooking, it curdles the gluey nature.


Forget to soak Whole grains, don’t worry!

  • Grate frozen butter straight into pastry dough for fast, even distribution.
  • Grate ginger with a micro plane instead of mincing
  • Use an apple slicer to quickly cut potatoes into perfect wedges.
  • Microwave lemons and limes to get more juice out.
  • Peel lots of boiled eggs at once by shaking them around in the pot and add some water.
  • Steam cook cabbage before you make poriyal so that the colour will not be changed and nutritional value remains same.
steam cook
steam cook

Health benefits:

Cabbage comes in many varieties, including green, purple, and white. The brightly coloured purple it helps your body fight off cancer. Cabbage is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and is a good source of fibre.
Are you trying to maintain a healthy weight? Try adding cabbage into a mixed green salad. It will help fill you up, keep you regular, and fits into the zero-calorie group.Cabbage is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K. Vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents.

colourful vegetable nutritious
colourful vegetable nutritiou

Cooking Register:
Kitchen Knives and cutting Board:
Type of knives used in the kitchen for different purpose.

Wooden cutting board has some advantages over plastic in that it is somewhat self-healing; shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own. Wood also has natural anti-septic properties.

Plastic board Most high-density polyethylene plastic boards are specifically designed not to dull the edge of a knife.

Steel shares with glass the advantages of the durability and ease of cleaning, as well as the tendency to damage knives. Depending on the exact steel and heat treatment used, at best a steel cutting board will wear the edge on knives quickly; at worst chip, dent, or roll it like glass.


Payasam (Kheer):

Payasam with Jaggery add coconut milk.

Payasam with Sugar add fresh cows milk or processed milk.


Mix rice  and urad batter with salt and allow it to ferment Idly batter at least 6 hours before making Idlies.

Idly batter should not be mixed after the fermentation process.

Hand full of Aval or poha can be soaked and added while grinding for idly batter.This makes idly more soft.

Grind Idly batter by adding cool water or ice water in summer,luke warm water in winter,makes batter even fermentation.

Peel Badam:


Soak badam for 1 hour to peel skin easily.

Heat pan add badam saute 1 minute add 1 cup of water switch off stove skin bulges and you can peel skin of it without soaking.


Make onion wet  by dipping in water before peel .

Coat Garlic with 3 drops of oil heat for a while to peel in large quantities.

Put garlic cloves in closed box shake well skin will be separated.

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Top 10 General Cooking Tips:

  1. To peel the skin of almonds, tomatoes or peaches, simply soak in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. The skin can be easily removed.
  2. To remove the corn from its cub, hold it straight with one end on the bottom of a big vessel. Then strip the corn with a knife. This will prevent messing up of the entire place.
  3. When cutting raw banana, potatoes or eggplant, soak it in water to avoid discolouration. Similarly, to prevent apples, bananas or peaches from browning, add lemon juice.
  4. Use the excess dal water from boiling dal to make rasam.
  5. While adding curd to gravies or biriyani, break it nicely before adding.
  6. While boiling milk, a little water can be added to the vessel before adding the milk to avoid the milk from sticking to the bottom.
  7. Store nuts in the refrigerator to increase their shelf life.
  8. To separate each string of noodles or any thin pasta, run it under cold water immediately after boiling and draining the water.
  9. Curd in winter – Set in a ceramic container and place it on the voltage stabilizer of your refrigerator.
  10. To cut meat easily, freeze it for some time before cutting.
Top Refrigeration tips:images (64)

  1. Keep coriander leaves in a air tight plastic box in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time.
  2. Remove the stem of the chilly while storing them whole, make chilly paste and store it for a long time.
  3. To store fish for few days and freasher, clean it, apply turmeric and salt and put it in the freezer.
  4. Flavourful items like flower,s ginger, garlic onion, etc…. should be kept closed inside the fridge to avoid mixing smell with other food.
  5. Place paper on the rack and arrange .
  6. While cleaning refrigerator add few drops of vanilla essence  in the cleaning water,leaves fresh inside.
  7. Do not dump things inside
  8. images (78)Onion juice for Hair Fall:Yes it is true onion juice can be used to treat hair fall and hair loss issues. In fact many hair tonics for hairloss & hair fall make a use of onion juice and it is clinically proven to work for hair loss. It kind of works as a stimulant in promoting new hair,increases blood circulation and is also an antiseptic and keep scalpcleansed.How to use?Grate or blend 1 large onion and filter it to get the juice out of it. Apply the juice all over the scalp and keep it for an hour. Onion has a very strong ,pungent odor so if you can bear with it good else mix some rose water in it. Wash off after an hour with a shampoo.This pack can be used twice a week depending upon the severity of hair fall.

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