Milagu Vadai-Pepper Dal fritters

Milagu Vadai-Pepper Dal fritters:

Milagu vadai is made out of Urad dal and pepper to deep fry in oil,  this will be crispy and yummy with any combination of the main meal or can be consumed as snacks with tea or coffee. This can be stored in an airtight container for a week time. This Vada is served as nievedyam for Anjaneyar on his auspicious birthday, as he loved the divine taste of this vada devotes make this as a Garlandfor him to get his blessings.

Ingredients to prepare:

Urad dal-1 cup

Peppercorns-1 tsp

Asafoetida-2 pinches

Salt-1/4 tsp

Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp

Rice flour – 2tbsp (this gives additional crispiness)

Hot oil to mix batter-1 tbsp

Oil-200 ml to fry


  1. Wash and soak Urad dal for 30 minutes.
  2. Drain the water completely from soaked urad dal. let it stay on the colander for 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. Now, add Urad dal, Peppercorns, asafoetida, and salt to a mixer jar, grind to a coarse batter.

4. Transfer to a bowl, add cumin seeds chopped curry leaves if preferred.rice flour and hot oil one tablespoon which helps us to have crispy vada.

5. Mix well by beating it to have a smooth batter. Wet your hand, take a lemon sized batter to place it on a Butter paper close it with another oil spread butter paper or polythene cover press gently by your hand as thin patties make a hole in the middle.

6. Heat oil in a pan wet your hand and remove vada from the paper, drop it gently to the hot oil fry both the sides till it turns golden yellow drain the oil and collect to the tray. Crispy Milagu vada is ready to serve.


  1. Do not soak urad dal for a long time.
  2. Do drain the water completely to have the coarse grind of batter, do not make a smooth paste.
  3. Add hot oil to have crispy vada.
  4. Make thin patties to fry.



Butter Sticks

Butter sticks: 

The snack has a different version to impress children and snack lovers, in that category we have Butter sticks as an innovative recipe. What is special in this snack!!! even though it has the site of Murukku it is unconventionally made to sticks which melt in the mouth with the fresh aromatic cumin bite. This will tempt children to enjoy a snack box favorite by its finger-like crispy fries.


Raw rice flour-1 cup

Besan flour-1 3/4 tbsp (Chickpea flour -kadalai Mavu)

Channa dal flour-1 3/4 tbsp (fried channa -Pottukadalai Mavu)

Butter-2 tbsp or 40 grams

Cumin seeds-3/4 tsp slightly crushed

Salt-1/2 tsp


In a wide bowl mix, all flour items with salt, cumin seeds, and butter mix well, add water little by little and mix to a consistency of the chappathi batter. (as smooth butter)

Take a portion of the mixture fill in the press, on a tray or sheet, do a long press, cut in to finger length sticks.

Heat oil and deep fry to golden yellow. (sizzling sound reduces once done)

allow it to room temperature and store in an airtight jar.

Serving suggestions:

Gathering at Brunch- Butter sticks with Juice,

At Lunch  Butter sticks with soup

At supper Butter sticks with Cofee or tea



Butter Murukku

Butter Murukku:

What can be made special for this festival/Tea time snack?

Varieties of Savouries and sweet recipes are found on browsing,  

Which will be more easy to prepare with minimum time, less effort and delicious lip-smacking snack?

Here is an idea of your choice, Butter Murukku in only four steps of effort. Mix all the ingredients, stuff the dough in the press of your desired shape. Fry it in the hot oil, your favorite snack is ready in a few minutes of effort. Enjoy this with your family.

Ingredients to prepare:

Rice flour-1 cup (150 gram)

Gram flour – 1 1/2 tablespoon

Fried channa dal flour-1 1/2 table spoon (grind roasted channa dal in a mixer)

Butter-1 table spoon

Salt-1/2 Tsp

Chilli powder 1/2 Tsp

Asafoetida-1/4 Tsp

Oil 150 ml to fry


1. Take a perfect measurement of all the above-given ingredients to a flat bowl, mix well.

2. Add water gradually and mix it to a thick dough.

3. Fill in the Murukku press with the dough, make it into the desired shape of murukku (3 or 4) on the plate. I have used the star-shaped plate.

4. Heat oil in a thick bottom pan, once the oil gets heated, drop the Murukku gently into the hot oil and fry till golden yellow or until the sizzling sound reduces.

Butter Murukku
Butter Murukku




Beetroot Kola Urundai / Beetroot Balls

 Beetroot Kola Urundai / Beetroot Balls:

Authentic Chettinad recipe Beetroot Kola Urundai is one of their delicious mouth watering recipe. Alluring recipes from Chettinad and their hospitality makes more interesting to admire. Beetroot kola urundai has crispy outer layer, soft and spongy inner part prepared with soaked dal and aromatic spices blend together. Protein rich dal and beetroot give a wonderful scrumptious taste. Easy to prepare, serve with any combination of meals or as a starter.

Beetroot Balls
Beetroot Balls


Beetroot-150 gms or one medium size

Onion-1  chopped

Curry leaves chopped  few

Oil-100 ml

To Grind:

Toor dal- 50 gms

Channa dal- 50 gms

Fennel seeds-1 tsp

Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp

Pepper-1/4 tsp

Red chilli-4 to 7

Ginger-1 inch skin peeled

Garlic-4 pods skin peeled


  1. Wash and soak toor dal and channa dal for an hour.
  2. Coarsely grind the above mentioned “To Grind” ingredients with soaked dals. Do not add water, let the mixture be thick.
  3. Wash, peel and grate the Beetroots. Set aside.
  4. Take a wide bowl, mix all ingredients with 1/2 tsp of salt.
  5. Make the mixture into small balls.
  6. 12969420_1077417168966559_2030628292_nHeat oil and fry 3 minutes in medium flame and 2 minutes in low flame.This mixture has to be fried as soon as they are mixed, else it becomes watery when stored. Drain on paper towels.
  7. 12953109_1077417478966528_1570749659_o



  1. Drain water completely from dal before grinding.
  2. Chop onion and curry leaves to a fine pieces which make the mixing process easy.
  3. Grate beetroot or coarse grind the chopped beetroot pieces.
  4.  In case of more watery add some gram dal or rice flour to thicken the mixture (texture and taste may have slight  difference).




Thattai Murukku

Thattai Murukku:

Famous Indian tea time snacks spicy Thattai murukku, delicious and crispy munch. It is easy and tasty anytime snack for snack lovers. This Diwali special thattai murukku try this and enjoy.

Thattai Murukku
                                                          Thattai Murukku


Ingredients: 20 nos yield approximately

Processed rice flour -1 cup

Fried channa dal flour (Pottu kadali )- 1 1/2 tbsp

Urad dal flour- 1 1/2 tbsp

Channa dal -1 tbsp or fried gram dal also can be added

Salt-1/2 tsp

Chilli powder-1 tsp

Butter-2 tsp

Cumin seeds or Ajwain-1/2 tsp



Soak Channa dal for an hour.

Dry roast the rice flour,

Dry roast urad dal golden yellow and grind to a smooth powder.

Roast fried gram dal 2 to 3 minutes and grind to a smooth powder.

Measure and mix all the ingredients above in a bowl, add water little by little and mix it to a thick batter.


Take a small lemon sized balls flatten it on your palm or greased sheet to  thin patties.

With the help of fork poke it on the patties here and there.


Heat oil, when the oil is hot drop the patties carefully fry it to a golden brown colour or until the sizzling sound stops.

Crispy thattai murukku is ready, store it in an airtight container.


Note: Mix it as you prefer.

For flavour, you can add ingredients like coconut, crushed peanuts, and pottu kadalai.

For aroma, like  asafoetida, garlic green chillies crushed, cumin seeds and Ajwain can be added.

Measurement: 4:1

4 parts rice flour 1 part dal flour( both dal mix)

Homemade rice flour gives you better result or idiyappam flour also will do.

Mint Murukku

Mint Murukku:

We have plenty of varieties in murukku as a festival special. A versatile combination of ingredients and aromatic flavored savories are stocked in all sweet stalls which really tempt us to buy and celebrate the event. Special care is added as the main ingredient in our homemade items is irrefutable.

This aromatic mint murukku is naturally flavored and colored. Crispy crunchy Mint murukku is easy and delicious, will make you feel proud to serve on your own effort.

Mint Murukku
Mint Murukku


Rice flour- 1 cup

Gram flour and fried channa dal flour- 1/4 cup

Butter- 2 tsp

Fresh green mint

leaves-1 fist full

Cumin seeds-1 tsp

Green chillies-2

Salt-1/2 tsp

Oil to fry -200 ml


Wash and grind mint leaves, green chilies, and cumin seeds, add 1/2 cup of water mix it and filter the juice from it.

In a wide bowl add rice flour, gram flour, fried channa flour, butter, and salt. Mix well by adding the mint juice to a smooth batter.


Fill this batter to murukku press and press it 5 circles on the back side of the oil dipped ladle. (Shown in the picture).


Heat oil in high flame once it is hot reduce the flame and drop the murukku into the hot oil fry both the side by gently turning it.

When the sizzling sound is completely reduced drain oil and transfer to the tissue spread tray.


Green colored Mint murukku is ready, store it in an airtight container for 15 to 20 days.







Diwali Sweets

Diwali special sweets:

Sweets – 17

Time to celebrate Diwali with Sweets and Savouries. Chettinadcookbook proudly presents undemanding sweet recipe links to prepare the special items at home. Advised to follow the recipe properly along with the correct measurements and cooking time to get the perfect result. Share it with your friends and relatives to celebrate the occasion.


Click the link below for detailed step by step recipe.


2.Sweet Somas:




4.Sweet Seedai:

Sweet Seedai



6. 7 Cup Cake:


7. Creamy Nut Bites:



8. Dates and nuts Balls:

images (8)


9. Kalakand:’


10. Chocolate Fudges:


11. Aval Ladu:


12. Carrot Halwa:

Carrot halwa


13. Kasi Halwa / White Pumpkin Halwa:


14.Almond Halwa:

download (4)

15. Kadalai urundai:

Peanuts  1 cup or fried channa dal-1 cup as your preference.

Jaggery-1 cup powdered

Melt jaggery by adding 1/4 cup of water.

Stir it till it gets the string consistency syrup.

Now add fried nuts to it mix well switch it off.

when the mixture is warm make it into small balls.

images (4)

16. Coconut Burfi:

Coconut and sugar of equal amount.

Heat pan with a tablespoon of ghee, fry coconut slightly and add 1/4 cup of milk and an equal amount of sugar to coconut.

Stir continuously till it leaves the pan.

Grease pan and transfer to it. Allow it to get warm and slice it to your desired shape.

17. Badam Burfi:

Badam Burfi

Badam-1 cup

Sugar-1 1/2 cup

Milk 1/4 cup

Ghee-2 tablespoon

Chopped nuts to decorate on top.


Soak Badam peel skin and grind to a smooth paste.

Add ground badam paste, milk and sugar together in a thick bottom pan stir continuously.

Add ghee and stir it without any break.

Gradually it will leave its sides of the pan, Now transfer it to a greased plate, sprinkle some chopped nuts on top.

Slice it when warm and serve.

S012 Badam Birfi