Roast Variety / Dosai Variety

Roast Variety / Dosai Variety:

Dosa lovers, click the link given under every tittles and enjoy the recipes.

1.Ragi Roast:


2. Mixed Millet Roast:

Multigrains roast

3. Types of Dosa ideas for kids:

Cheese Roast

4. Multi Grain Roast:


5. Mini Uthappam:

Mini uthappam

6. Rava Roast:

Rava Roast

7. Chettinad special Appam:


Republic day Breakfast:

Republic day specia

9. Mudakathan Dosai:

Mudakathan keerai Dosai

10. Ilan Dosai:

Ilan Dosai

11. Red Rice Roast:

Red Rice Roast

12. Set Dosai:

Set dosai

13. Roast varieties on toppings:

Podi Roast

14. Maravalli Kizhangu (Tapioca Dosai):

மரவள்ளி கிழங்கு தோசை / Tapioca Roast

15. Kodo millet

16. Pearl millet roast:

17.Wheat Dosa:


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