White Appam is most common breakfast in south Indian states.Spongy in the middle and crispy at its edges,gives great taste with Coconut milk,stew and chilli chutney. Specially no yeast or Appam soda is added in this recipe.Natural yeast(Method given below) can be mixed in the batter for more softness and to form many holes in it.No difference in taste or texture,better taste and good for  health.Five easy steps to make this wonderful Appam is given for your expediency.




Raw rice Ponni-2 cups

Methi seeds-1 tsp (If do not prefer methi seeds,use 1 tbsp of Urad dal)

Cooked rice-1 cup

Salt-1 tsp

Sugar 1/2 tsp

Coconut Grated-2tbsp

Method to prepare:

Step-1:Soak rice and methi seeds for at least 2 hours,grind in to very smooth and fine paste in the grinder.


Step-2:Grind,coconut and cooked rice in a mixer to become smooth paste, mix both batter together,add natural yeast, allow it to ferment for at least 8 to 10 hours.


Step-3:Add Salt and Sugar,dilute batter little thinner than we make for  Dosa batter.

Step4: Heat appam pan in high flame,take full ladle of batter pour in the middle,rotate in circular motion so as the batter gets thin coated around the surface of the pan,leave it closed, cook for 2 minutes in low flame.



Step-5:You can notice the edges has become crispy yellow and in the middle spongy and soft,remove and serve with stew or Sugar mixed Coconut milk.Enjoy Appam .

Serve with Appam
Serve with Appam

Natural Yeast:

Get a coconut break to drain water from it,Add 2 teaspoon of Sugar mix well leave it for 24 hours mix with Appam batter.This makes Appam more tasty and soft.




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