Milagai Mandi

Milagai Mandi:

Milagai mandi is delectable in taste,prepared only in chettinad region.Milagai Mandy has the balanced taste of Tamarind, Green chilli and Shallots. Hotness from chilli, sweetness from shallots and tanginess from tamarind extract added in it is blended together with Arisi Mandi,to give the unique taste of this Milagai mandy.This can be enjoyed with rice or Idly dosa,not spicy dish.It can be stored in room temperature for about 2 to 3 days as fresh.The main difference in this dish to the other dishes is that, Instead of water we use ‘Arisi Mandi’ the water we get while washing rice for making the gravy is the special ingredient. It is this water which gives unique taste to the gravy. If we prepare this dish on days when we soak rice for idly we can get thick mandi. We use green chillies as the main ingredient to this dish.

Chettinad Mandi

Milagai Mandi
Milagai Mandi

Method to extract Arisi Mandi:

The water(Arisi Mandi), just give a gentle wash rice once, pour out the water and soak the rice in two cups of water for 5 minutes then rub the rice and collect the water, filter it and keep aside.(I used to collect water whenever I grind for Idly and store the settled part of this mandi in the fridge to make any type of mandi whenever I wish to.)

Vegetable mandi


Ingredients :

Onion shallots-1 cup(1oo gms),cut in lengthwise


Green chilli-10 to 15 cut in to small pieces

Curry leaves-2 twig

Arisi mandi -2 cups

Tamarind extract 2 tbsp


Salt -1 1/2 tsp

Jaggery-1 tsp

To temper:

Oil-1 tbsp

Mustard seeds-1 tsp

Hing/Asafoetida-1/4 tsp

Method to prepare Mandi:

Heat pan with Oil and season with above mentioned ingredients,Add chopped onion green chilli and Curry leaves saute for 2 minutes till you get nice aroma of onion and green chilli cooked together.


Add Arisi mandi ,curry leaves and tamarind extract,allow it to boil in tamarind extract for 20 minutes,stir occasionally.

Add Salt,Jaggery and hing,stir it well in low flame,you can notice the oil floats on top.

Mash the onion if need with the ladle or Mathu.

Now Milagai mandi is ready to serve with hot cooked rice.


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