Podi Idly

Podi Idly: 

Idli/Dosa Kara Podi

South Indian regular breakfast is Idly, nowadays a lot of innovation can be seen in our menu list with this simple idlies, Sambar Idly, chili, Idly Pepper Idly and Podi Idly. This simple recipe of Podi Idly can be taken in a box while traveling our tour, home food is better than outside food, this Podi Idli stays fresh for nearly 10 to 12 hours.No need of any side dish is another advantage to pack, mild and healthy without any side effect. This Podi Idly can be served along with Karuppatti coffee, again it stays fresh for a long time because there is no milk added in it.

Recipe for Idly Dal Podi: Buy both Curry leaves podi and Idli kara podi at http://www.chettinadsnacksonline.com



Curry Leaves/Kadi patha Podi, Healthy recipe, this also added in mini Idlies gives you attractive color:



Mini Idlies-1 cup

Curry leaves-1 tbsp chopped

Idly Podi-3 tsp heaped

Get the recipe for Idly Podi here: http://wp.me/p1o34t-6s

Buy idli podi: https://www.chettinadsnacksonline.com/collections/masala-podi/products/idli-dosa-kara-podi

Pepper powder-1/2 tsp

Oil-3 tsp(2+1)

Podi Idly
Podi Idly


Heat Oil 2 teaspoon cooking oil and one teaspoon gingely or sesame oil in a wide Pan, low flame is fine to prepare this dish,add cumin and pepper crushed powder and curry leaves ,add Idly podi and mini idlies in oil, immediately otherwise there are chances for the mix added in oil  to burn quickly.


Stir well for one minute in low flame.

Now mini Idly with podi mix is ready to serve.

Serve with Karuppatti Coffee.




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