Dangar for Vellapaniyaram:

Vellapaniyaram is the crown of all Chettinad recipes.Dangar is the wonderful combination served with Vella paniyaram.

This can be tasted only in chettinad region. Dangar and Vella Paniyaram is served as special in all Marriages and gatherings, as highlighting chettinad traditional food. All traditional recipes are world famous and mouth watering recipes bestowed by our great ancestors.

Recipe for vella paniyaram is here,http://wp.me/p1o34t-4q


Dangar is the best combination for vella paniyaram, even Idly and Dosa’s. Main Ingredients are Onion shallots and Red chilli cooked in Tamarind juice,colour based on the red chilli and Tamarind Juice we add in it sometimes red or brown, but taste will be great.


Health Benefits of Onion Shallots:


Some of the impressive health benefits of shallots include their ability to lower cholesterol levels, prevent certain types of cancer, provide anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral protection, lower blood pressure, help manage diabetes, soothe nerves, boost circulation, speed up digestion, and aid in weight loss efforts,Improves Hair growth.

Shallots are normally considered a variety of onions,They offer an interesting culinary flavour to foods and can be used either fresh or as a pickled vegetable product. They are valued not only for their unique flavour and availability, but also for their significant nutrient value.Antioxidant Activity: Perhaps the best nutritional bonus of shallots is the high and diverse content of antioxidant compounds.The mineral content of shallots is typically higher than that of onions, including iron, copper, and potassium. Iron and Copper can help to boost circulation in the body by stimulating the production of red blood cells.


Onion-peeled-2 cups or 200 gms

Red chilli-15 to 20 nos, de-seeded

Tamarind Extract-2 lemon sized or 1/2 cup

Jaggery- 1 tbsp

Salt 1 1/2 tsp

Oil-2 tbsp

Water-1 cup

Tomato -1 (optional)


Method to prepare:

1.Peel onion cut length wise in to 4 each

2.Slit red chillies remove seeds,cut in to small pieces with the help of scissors.(This helps to reduce hotness of red chilli)

3.Soak tamarind and get the extract of it 75 ml approximately.

4.Heat pan with Oil add red chillies fry until it gets slightly brown in colour.

5.Add cut Onions fry for 3 more minutes.add curry leaves.

6.Add Tamarind juice ,water and Salt cook in low flame for about 15 minutes.

7. When Onion becomes soft and oil floats on top,add Jaggery and stir it for 2 more minutes.


8.Transfer to a bowl and serve with Vella paniyaram Idly or Dosa even with Adai.

This can be stored for 3 to 4 days fresh,

Recipe courtesy: Priya Senthil


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