Kambu Idly/pearl millet

Kambu Idly/Pearl millet:

Kambu Idly is very healthy breakfast, soft and tasty with Pudhina or Kadamba chutney.We know normally Kambu we use for Kanji,Puttu and served as cooked rice.Instigate your day with this healthy breakfast.

Kambu Idly
Kambu Idly

Understandably, the staple for most of our ancestors was Millets and it was probably after the green revolution we drained these Miracle grains in flavor Rice, wheat, obesity, diabetes and malnutrition. Bajra / Kambu is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
The whole grain supports weight loss.
The grain is easily digestible and has the lowest probability of causing allergic reactions.
Being rich in fiber content, kambu works very well in diabetes.

Bajra helps maintain cardiovascular health and helps reduce acidity problems.
It is a good source of iron, which helps formation of haemoglobin in blood thus preventing anaemia.

Kambu is gluten free, high in magnesium hence good for heart, blood pressure, good for diabetics, weight loss too.

Pearl Millet (Hindi: Bajra, Tamil: Kambu, Telugu: Gantilu, Kannada: Sajje)


Pearl millet/kambu – 3 cup(heap top measurement)
Rice – 1 cup(heap top)
Urad dal – 1 cup(flat top)
Fenugreek seeds – one teaspoon
Salt – 3 tsp

Method to Prepare:

1.Soak Urad and methi ,Rice and Kambu separately .

2.Grind Urad and methi ,Rice and Kambu( Bajra),Mix both batter to thick consistency as we do for normal Idly.

3.Allow it to ferment for 6 hours,make Idlies in Idly pot,serve with Pudhina Chutney or Kadhamba chutney


If you are adding store bajra /kambu flour follow below measurement

Kambu flour-4 cup /Bajra

Rice-1 cup

Urad -3/4 cup

Methi seeds-1 tsp

Soak Rice Urad and methi seeds for 2 hours.Grind in to a thick batter add salt and Kambu flour mix well without any lumps, allow it to ferment for 6 hours.



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