Mulai Keerai Poriyal

Mulai Keerai Poriyal,(Amarnath leaves):

This recipe is very simple that consumes less time and Ingredients,This variety  Greens are  easily available in Markets,and not much difficult to clean.I like this great taste with hot Idlies in morning hours.

Mulai keerai poriyal
Mulai keerai poriyal

Spinach has more health wonders that are absent in fruits and vegetables. Most of the people are not aware of the names of different varieties of spinach. one of the best variety of spinach that is can be eaten by all the age groups in any forms they wish.  This variety of spinach is called as the ” Queen ” of all the spinach varieties.


Add black gram with slender amaranth juice which is the best medicine for preventing water dysentery.

To reduce blood pressure, giddiness and gallbladder disease, dry the cumin seeds which are dipped in the mullai keerai juice and then grind the seeds. Intake this powder to reduce the occurrence of the above diseases.

Add amaranthus blitum in your child diet regularly for forty days to increase the height of your child.

The diseases related to piles and hemorrhoids are prevented when purple amaranth is taken with thuthik keerai and siruparrpu

Make a paste of amaranthus blitum, cashews and turmeric. Apply the paste on your face to get shiny, pimple free and smooth skin.

Fever and flu related diseases are prevented and cured, when purple amaranth is added with cumin seeds and add chilly to taste. Take the juice of the above ingredients with hot rice.

All types of cough are prevented when turmeric, licorice and amaranthus blitum are mixed and boiled for few minutes. Drink the juice to get rid of cough.

Loss of appetite can be cured, if the amaranthus blitum is taken with pepper, cumin seeds, turmeric, garlic and small onions. Add the above ingredients and make the delicious dish to make your loved ones stomach happy.

Ulcer is the common disease that are spread among people in a rapid way. The slender amaranth with toor dal reduces and prevents this disease.

People who does not feel the taste of the food are advised to have mullai keerai , pepper, turmeric, salt and pulicha keerai in their diet by siddha doctors.


Mulai keerai -1 bunch

Onion -1 chopped

Green chillies-2 nos

Salt -1/4 tsp

To Temper:

Oil-1 tsp

Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp

Urad dal-1/2 tsp


Wash and clean Greens  drain water completely,cut in to small pieces.

Heat wide pan with one teaspoon of  oil,season it with the above “To Temper” Ingredients.

Add chopped Onion and chilli saute until half cooked.

Add cut greens to it stir for 3 minutes,add Salt mix well and switch off.

Mulai keerai poriyal is ready to serve with cooked rice and kara Kuzhambu.

Match it with hot Idlies,nice combination.



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  1. This is my absolute favourite veg! 😋😋😋

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