Urad dal chutney

Urad dal chutney :

Side dishes make s your main dish fascinating.We like to have different type of chuneys to try with our regular healthy breakfast as Idly or Dosa.What is special today ! Yes try with many varieties of side dishes posted and enjoy your breakfast to spend whole day active.In that category today we have Urad dal chutney.


Urad 1 1/2 tbsp(serves 4 person)

Dry Red chilli-5 nos

Tamarind-1 small gooseberry size

Tomato-1 big chopped

Shallots-10 to 15 nos peeled and chopped

Curry leaves-1 twig

Salt 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Golden fry urad dal.

Grind red chilli ,tamarind and salt as powder,add fried urad dal and water grind to paste.


Note: red chilli should be fine grind,and Urad coarse grind will be good.

Heat pan with 2 tbsp of oil,Season with Mustard seeds and hing,add chopped onion saute till translucent.

Add Tomatoes saute until it leaves its skin,add curry leaves.


Add Ground paste and 2 cups of water allow it to well boil and switch off.

Serve with Idly ,Dosa and Pongal.







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