Thearttupaal is reduced cow’s milk by boiling to a thick Kova consistency and added Karuppatti(Palm jaggery) to it along with our patients.:)

This is a very healthy and toothsome taste of milk sweet.

TherattuppalTherattuppal is made for Pillayar Nombu or during any festive occasion. One of the auspicious and important festivals celebrated by the Nattukottai Nagarathars worldwide is the `PILLAYAR NONBU’ festival.

Cone-shaped dough made of rice flour and jaggery or `Thirattuppal’ resembling Pillayar which is then called `Ehlai’. The choice of Karuppati flour or Thrattupal depends on the tradition of a particular family.

In reverence to Lord Ganesha, Nagarathar’s would fast for 21 days commencing day after `Thiruk-karthigai'(full moon day) during `Karthigai month’ to next Shasti day (6th Day from new/full moon day), 15 days to new moon day + 6 days up to Shasti Thithi, for the welfare of the family.

An Easy method to prepare Therattuppal:


Take wide mouth and heavy bottom pan.


Now dissolve 1/2 cup of powdered Palm jaggery (Karuppatti)or Jaggery (Vellam) in 1/4 cup of warm water and filter it, keep aside.


Take 1 liter of milk, (drop a small plate inside to avoid overflowing)


Bring it to boil stir often, do with patience until it reduces to 3/4 cup.



Now add dissolved karuppatti to it, stir continuously until you get to a thick consistency.


It gets thickened when comes to normal temperature.






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