Spicy Mixture Diwali special

Spicy Mixture :

Mix and match your taste, cooking is an art, prove it. Share your notable munch, with your friends and celebrate Diwali with cheer.

Spicy Mixture
Spicy Mixture

The mixture can be mixed with this long list choose your taste and match accordingly.


Mix -1 Main mix:

Corn flakes

(Poha) Aval

Oma Podi

Colourful Boondhi

Kara sev mini Murukku

Crushed ribbon pakkoda

Mix-2 :Fry and mix, Increase your taste by equal amount of,

Puffed channa

Fried channa dal


Fried peas

Fried green gram



Dry grapes

Mix-3 :Trigger your taste buds by sprinkling,

Spices like Salt


chilli powder

garam masala

pepper powder

Mix-4: Aromatic flavor smart choice.

Crushed and roasted Garlic

Curry leaves


Crushed Fennel seeds


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