7 Cup Cake

7 Cup Cake:

7 measures of ingredients:

It’s not a great challenge to cross 7 Seas, and climb 7 Mountains. It is as simple as 7 measures, what we have in our kitchen! Delicious sweet easily can make in large amount to share with our friends and celebrate Diwali. 7- cupcake will be soft and toothsome sweet stays fresh for 15 to 20 days.


Ingredients: All measures 7 cups

Gram flour-1 cup

Coconut- 1 cup

Ghee-1 cup

Milk-1 cup

Sugar-3 cups


Heat Pan with 1 tbsp of Ghee and fry gram flour until it changes raw smell.

Add Coconut mix well, add sugar and Milk in it.

Stir continuously by adding ghee , In 15 to 20 minutes in medium flame.

Gradually it will leave its sides of the pan, by froth forming .

Transfer to greased plate, Cut into desired shape.

7 cup cake is ready to taste


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