Puffed channa dal mittai

Puffed Channa dal/Pottu kadalai mittai:


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Google image kadalai mittai


Pottu kadalai is normally used in our kitchen. We know that it  is used for Chutney. Coarse grind Channa is used for all vegetable stir fries and  also it is a great supporter in kitchen it acts a as liquid thickener and added in case of excess salt. It helps us in many ways. We are now using this Puffed channa for making yummy Mittai.


Puffed Channa-1 cup (can make in fried and broken ground nuts)

Jaggery powdered-3/4 cup

Elaichi powder-1/4 tsp


Take pan add powdered Jaggery sprinkle some water melt in low flame , filter it.

Bring it to boil again for 3-5 minutes so as to make pearl consistency,Check by dropping it in a cup of water it will not dissolve , it stays as such without any change.

Now switch off stove and add Puffed channa dal  and elaichi powder to it , mix well and keep aside till it reduces to warm temperature.

Wet your hands to make small lemon sized balls.

When it cools down, store it in air tight container.



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