Kathirikkai Therakkal

Kathirikkai Therakkal is also known by Kallaveettu Kathirikkai or Avial in chettinadu region,

This is named so because, specific group of  people used to prepare this dish as common and very often for their breakfast. Feeling more energetic and filled to spend their whole day to work hard in their field, more over input in this is little and outcome is more in this side dish, so as  to consume in large amount of this tasty dish with Idly, Dosa and Appam.

Therakkal in Tamil means- Saute well until half cooked in oil, so this dish is very tasty by cooking with little more oil.This is served in most of the marriages with the combination of Idly.


Ingredients:   Can be served approximately 4-6 people

Kathirikkai(Brinjal)-1/4 kg

Potato-1 medium size

Tomato -1 big cut into pieces

Onion-1 chopped

To grind:

Coconut-3 tbsp

Fried channa dal-1 tbsp

Fennel seeds-1 tsp

Cumin seeds-1 tsp

Garlic 3 pods

Red chilli-7 nos or chilli paste,  http://wp.me/p1o34t-7k

To temper:

Fennel seeds-1 tsp

Oil-2 tbsp

Curry leaves-1 twig


Grind above ingredients to a fine  paste.

Cut Brinjal and Potato into cubes.

Heat pan with 2 tbsp of oil-temper the above-given Ingredients” To temper”

Add curry leaves, Onion and cut vegetables and  saute well until brinjal gets half cooked in oil now add Tomato and Salt saute for 3 more minutes in low flame.

Now add the ground paste and 2 cups of water allow it to cook soft or in pressure cooker 1 whistle.

When cooked or steam releases adjust water up to your required consistency.

Serve with Idly, any roast or Appam






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