Peerkangai or Ridge guard chutney

Peerkangai chutney(Ridge guard):

Side dishes of different taste and kind  grab the attention to have more in the morning breakfast which  keep us active the whole day.In this case we have many dishes in Chettinad menu, day starts with soft Idlies and crispy dosas but the side dishes vary as many to make good and interesting breakfast so that we will not feel bored to eat  Idly and Dosa everyday, Today we have one such side dish Peerkangai or Ridge guard chutney recipe as tasty side dish for Idly and Dosa varieties.

peerkangai KosumalliIngredients:

Peerkangai long 1/2 kg to serve 4 to 6 people

Potato (optional) -1 small

Tomato-1 big

Onion-1 big

Green chillies-9 nos

Curry leaves 2 twigs

Tamarind extract-2 tsp

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds-1tsp

Urad-1/2 tsp

Oil-4 tsp


Make peel skin of Peerkangai (Ridge guard) cut  potato and Tomato  in to small cubical pieces.

Cut Green chillies and Onion in to small pieces.

Heat pan with 4 tsp of oil and season with above “For seasoning” ingredients.

Add curry leaves and chopped Onion ,green chillie and vegetables saute for few minutes it oozes out water and shrinks,now add tomato and saute well.

Pour 2 cups of water salt and Tamarind extract cook in pressure cooker for one whistle.

Allow the steam to release now mash it add water if needs,allow it to boil for 2  more minutes, sprinkle some coriander leaves serve with hot Idli or Dosa





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