How to Make puttu mavu at home?

Raw rice 4 cups gives you 5 cup of grind rice powder.

Wash and soak rice for 2 hours.

Drain water completely place in netted basket for 10 minutes all the water gets drained well.

Spread the soaked rice in a clean  white towel.

Grind in a mixi to a fine powder.

You can   sieve it to get fine fine powder.

Spread  flour on clean cloth or paper for 4 to 6 hours (over night).

images (80)

Place a dry wok on the stove in low flame.

Add the rice flour and start stirring the flour with ladle. We want to heat the flour thoroughly, but in low flame.

Do not stop stirring the flour. Not stirring the flour may burn it easily since heat gets through the flour very quickly.

In 5-7 minutes of stirring, you can feel( Hand bare able heat on flour)the aroma of heated flour.  Switch off flame .

Remove the wok from the stove. Flour will be very hot, so take care. Resume stirring the flour for 2 more minutes just to release the heat from the flour. Keep the flour aside.

Let it cool,Store it in air tight container and use it whenever you need.


This will be very soft and tasty to eat with breakfast.

Puttu 2



Raw rice flour-1cup can serve 3-4 person

Sugar or powdered Jaggery-4 tbspCoconut grated-1/2 cup

Moong dal -1tbsp

Cashew dry grapes 1tbsp 


Method to prepare:

In a wide pan take rice flour, a pinch of salt mix 1/2 cup of water little by little mix thoroughly until you are ableto hold it as ball.

Sieve it to get even texture of wet flour without any lumps in it.

Place idly pan on stove with 2 cups of water .

cover idly plate with clean white wet cloth and spread the flour on it.

Steam cook for atleast 15 minutes.

Remove from plate and  bring it to a wide pan again mix with coconut, jagery, boiled moong dal, ghee 2 tbsp.

Fry Cashew and dry grapes in a teaspoon of Ghee and add with the prepared puttu.

Rice Puttu is ready to serve.



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