Idly batter


We all know Idly is the topmost South Indian Traditional dish. First thing that comes to our mind is its Softness. No other dish can be compared for Idli softness. People often refer softness and colour of Idli to Jasmine flower. Soft idlies can be made by adding good quality of  boiled rice and urud dal in proper ratio. Here is the simple ratio to make  idlies.  This same batter can be used for Dosa and Kuzhi paniyaram too.


Ratio to make Idli:

Boiled rice (In Tamilnadu we call it as Vellakkar arisi) -4 cups heap top


Urad Dal Whole white urud dal -1cup flat top

Urad dal

Methi seeds-1tsp

Salt -3 1/2 tsp

1. Wash and Soak separately for 2 hours.

2. Grind urad and Methi together by sprinkling water often so that it will become fluffy, grind for 25 minutes.

3.Grind rice for 25 minutes to become smooth paste.

4.Finally add Salt and mix well both batter together by hand.(Do not use grinder for mixing)

5.Allow it to ferment at least 6 hours.

6.Refrigerate it can   be  used for  a week.


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