Red chilli,Methi roasted powder for sambar

Sambar flavour enhancer:This powder can be added for all type of sambar finally before switch off the stove ,

Dry roast red chilli methi powder
Dry roast red chilli methi powder

this is roasted powder so no need to boil for long time.


Red chilli-100 gms

Roasted red chilli
Roasted red chilli

Methi seeds-1tbsp or 10 gms

Roasted methi
Roasted methi

Asafoetida-1tsp or 10 gmsimages (72)

Procedure :

Dry roast in low flame until Methi gets dark brown,Roast red chilli half fried you can roast in 1/2 tsp of oil .

Roast asafoetida  all separately.

Let them get cooled completely ,Coarse grind in mixi.It should be like flaky.



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