Panakam is summer special natural coolant to beat the heat

Panakam gives you an instant sweet and tangy boost naturally we feel exhausted during hot summer however, we drink plenty of water we like to have some energetic beverages to satisfy our thirst. Panalam gives the feel as a ‘refreshing’ drink from a conventional lemonade.

In Tamilnadu, this is served in Temple festivals “Thiruvizha” , Thaneer Panthal, during the summer season.

Ancient science will probably tell us that Panakam was used as an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) especially in parts of south India where the humidity and excessive sweating saps the body of fluids and salts. Main ingredients involved are Jaggery and Lemon. Jaggery in its purest form is loaded with electrolytes and raw carbohydrates. It’s the perfect antidote for dehydration. Jaggery is a rich source of minerals like iron and potassium while the antioxidants in the ginger make this a particularly healthy beverage round the year.


Lemon-1 medium size (extract juice)

Jaggery-3 tbsp(powdered)

Cardamom -2 powdered

Dry ginger powdered-2 pinches

Water-400ml (serves 2 glasses )

Take a vessel add 400 ml of water, extract fresh lemon juice and mix with water, add cardamom powder, dry ginger and powdered jaggery to the water mix well until it dissolves strain and serve


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