Black gram Kali/Pudding

Black Gram Kali/Pudding:

For Tamil recipe click the link hereகருப்பு உளுந்தங்களி:

Ulunthu Kali

Black gram is normally known as black, skinned urad dal used in cooking dal curry, Idli and in many Indian cuisines. Healthy and tasty dishes can be made with this Urad dal, skinned black and unskinned white as two varieties, broken and whole form of this Urad can be used for consumption.

Here, in this Kali sweet variety, we are using black gram as it is very good for health this is highly suggested and advised for women health improvement and for girls during puberty this helps to the growth of bone strength and palm jaggery used is rich in iron and calcium, sesame oil or ghee added acts as a body coolant and enhances the taste.

The soluble fiber in black gram helps in the excretion of bile by forming a gel-like substance in the digestive system. * It is also believed to decrease LDL cholesterol levels. * The low glycaemic index causes blood sugar to rise moderately, leading to lower blood sugar levels.


Black gram (Urad dal)- 1 cup

Raw rice-1 tbsp

Sesame oil-2 tbsp

Ghee-1 tbsp(optional)

Palm Jaggery powdered-3/4 cup

Jaggery-1/4 cup

water-2 cups

Get Chettinad style Kummayam (Kali) Flour click the link below

Aadi kummayam/Aadi kool
Aadi kummayam/Aadi kool


Dry roast urad dal until you get a nice aroma (we can’t see the change in color as it is completely black in nature you can test by biting a few if it is crunchy then it is the right stage) fry rice for few minutes. (If you buy store-bought urad dal better to roast for few minutes before preparing this sweet)

Aadi kummayam/Aadi kool
Aadi kummayam/Aadi kool

Allow it to cool then grind and sieve it to a fine powder. Take a thick bottom pan add palm jaggery, jaggery and a cup of water bring it to dissolve, and boil for a minute. Strain it and allow it to room temperature now ready to mix the flour and jaggery syrup and another cup of water together without any lumps (this step helps get a smooth texture without any lumps while cooking)

Bring it to boil again in a medium flame it gets thicken stir it continuously by adding sesame oil it gets leaves the surface of the pan gradually on folding consistency.

Finally, add ghee and transfer to a serving dish to serve this delicious pudding.

Simple and easy Kali is very healthy to consume for all age group.

Aadi kummayam/Aadi kool
Aadi kummayam/Aadi kool

Note: This Kali (kummayam) flour can be made in pre hand to store for months to use at any time which will be more easy to save time and effort on making this dish.

Either Palm jaggery or Jaggery also can be used on your preference and availability.
Aadi kummayam


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