Sambar Milagai Podi

Sambar Milagai Podi:

South Indian special Sambar plays an important role in our regular meal. Aromatic Indian spices blend together in perfect proportion gives a wonderful taste to the sambar. This secret recipe of Chettinad sambar podi enhances the taste of sambar with a nice flavor and natural color. Store-bought sambar podi will be a little expensive when we compare to the cost of homemade sambar masala, and the quantity also will be considerably more. Grind to a large quantity and store it in the airtight container for at least six months as fresh. This can be used in all varieties of Masala, stir fry, koottu, pachadi, and many more vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. This handy sambar masala is kitchen friendly for many items of south Indian cuisine.

Buy the traditional Chettinad homemade Sambar Milagai Podi from the below link,

Sambar Milgai PodiSambar Milgai Podi


Dry red chili-1 kg

Coriander seeds – 1 kg

Fennel seeds-200 gms

Cumin seeds-200 gms

Methi seeds Vendhayam) – 75 gms

Turmeric sticks (verali manjal) -75 gm

Channa dal-50 gms

Raw rice-50 gms

Asafoetida-50 gms

Peppercorns-50 gms

Toor dal -50 gms



Heat Pan dry roast all ingredients separately to a golden yellow colour.

Allow it to cool completely.

Grind to a fine powder in the commercial mill.

Spread the masala powder and allow it to cool again.

Store it in an airtight container. This can be used for an year under frequently monitoring or keep in refrigerator. Otherwise make for every 6 months period.

Try doing small batch at home ( blender) sieve it and store for fine powder.


Note: For year long usage better sun dry red chili and coriander seeds alternate Chana Dal to your Dal and rice


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