Paruppu Thovayal

Paruppu Thovayal:

This is very simple and easy recipe with little ingredients, goes well with Rasam and summa Kuzhambu Vathal Kuzhambu.

Golden fried toor dal and raw garlic is its unique flavour.Some says this thovayal can be prepared with puffed channa dal, I have never tried because, I like the taste of Toor dal and Garlic combination.



Toor dal-1/4 cup

Red chilli-2 nos

Garlic-2 pods

Salt 1/2 tsp

Coconut grated-3 tsp

pepper is optional


Fry Toor dal in to golden brown colour,by heating one teaspoon of oil in a pan.


Grind red chilli and fried toor dal first,finally add garlic cloves and salt,no need to grind very smooth,it should be little crunchy.

Serve with summa Kuzhambu or rasam, /Kara kyzhambu and rice. Can mix with rice and feed for children with ghee and thuvayal mixed withplain cooked rice.


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