Thenkuzhal-chettinad special


Kuzhal in Tamil means hollow, this looks bright white and hollow inside, more crispy can crush easily by holding on one hand. Whenever Happen to eat this Thenkuzhal, I remember my childhood days drinking milk using this Thenkuzhal as straw. In olden days we do not have any chips or any artificially flavored munch, we use to enjoy this every day, mom adds a harmless snack for children 🙂

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Thengulal Murukku / தேன்குழல்

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Thengulal flour/ Mavu


Measurement :

Raw rice-4 cups(IR-20)

Urad dal-1 1/4 cups

Salt 2 tsp

Oil-3/4 liter to fry


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Wipe rice with clean cloth no need to fry can spread in sunlight for an hour or two,

Make warm urad dal do not fry until the colour changes, just hand bare-able heat is enough.

1. Grind both together into fine flour, You can give in the mill to grind, there is a separate machine to grind Thenkuzhal mavu in (Karaikudi region), sieve flour and store in a container.

2. Add salt in a cup of water dissolve and mix with the required flour, mix adding more water little by little to the form of Idiyappam batter. Not too thick.

3. Heat oil in a wide pan, fill batter in the Thenkuzhal press, placing five holed plate in the press, press three round as circle in hot oil, Can do 3 or 4 at a time.


4.Fry until the sizzling sound reduces turn and fry until it stops, or for a minute and drain oil to remove.

Do the rest as same, this can be stored in an airtight container for 10 to 15 days fresh.


Do not fry until color changes.

Fry 3 or more Thenkuzhal closely, so that the shape will not be changed because of temperature.



Not necessary to add butter while mixing flour.

Keep batter closed with the damp cloth so that it will not go dry.

Keep the flame in a medium not in high.

Do not allow the oil on the stove for a long time while on the process for a long time, between the process.

Thengulal Murukku / தேன்குழல்


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jaya says:

    Your method of making white murukku is totally waste. First you have to try this then post your recipies

    1. vishalvalli says:

      This is our traditional method followed by us in regular basis,posted picture is freshly made for this recipe.Cooking skills for preparing traditional items can’t be learnt in the first attempt itself.

  2. vishalvalli says:

    You try our method properly to get good result.

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