Chicken White kurma

Chicken kurma or veg kurma recipe is same , choice is with you chicken or mixed vegetables like Beans ,Potato carrot,peas,cauliflower,Paneer and corn cut in to cube sized pieces.Chicken kurma is a delightful dish and a excellent combo for puri’s and chapattis parata even with Idli dosa. Aromatic spiced curry.


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Chicken-1kg or Mixed vegetables-1/2kg+Paneer

Onion -1big chopped

Tomato -2 chopped

Green chilli make a slit on it-2

Curry leaves-2 twigs

Coconut 1/2 grated(1 cup)

Salt-2 tsp

Turmeric-1/2 tsp is must for Chicken this helps to reduce the odd smell and acts as a disinfectant.

Yoghourt-1/2 cup

Coriander chopped hand full

To grind:

Fennel seeds-1tsp

Cumin seeds-1tsp

green chilli-5nos

Ginger-2 inch

Garlic-5 pods

Onion shallots -3nos optional


Badam-5 nos

Poppy seeds-1/2tsp

Cinnamon and cloves optionally can be added.

ingredients for Kurma

Heat pan with one tsp of oil add all the above, “To grind” ingredients fry for 3 minutes in low flame .

Allow it to cool and grind the ingredients roasted along with coconut to a smooth paste.

Instead of badam cashews you can use fried channa dal

For Seasoning:

Peppercorns-1/4 tsp




Bay leaf-


Fennel and cumin also will do if you don’t want too much aroma.

Method to prepare:

Wash and drain chicken mix with 1 tsp of salt and turmeric powder keep aside.

Heat pan with 1 tbsp of oil season with the ingredients above.

Add chopped onion saute and add tomatoes now add Mixed vegetables or chicken saute well until tomato leaves it skin. Approximately 10 minutes.


Now add Curry leaves,Chilli powder ,ground paste and rest of the salt, close and cook for 15 minutes till chicken cooks soft or 1 whistle in pressure cooker

Ground paste


Finally add 1/4 cup of Yoghurt hand full of chopped Coriander and serve with Roti, Chappathi or puri’s.


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