Thalippu Vengaya Vadagam

Vengaya Vadagam:

In Tamil Nadu, traditional Thalippu Vadagam  is used as an instant seasoning in some dishes like kara kuzhambu/sambar/kootu. Thisvadagam can also be used to prepare a nice chutney/thuvayal. It goes well as a side dish to idli/dosa and also with hot steamed rice. Thalippu Vadagam also known as Vengaya Vadagam is an authentic and aromatic spice of Chettinad, made by combining several ingredients like shallots, garlic and whole spices and drying it in direct sunlight. This an aromatic tempering used in many of South Indian and Chettinad dishes like Sambar, Kuzhambu and Kootu. This is  granny’s recipe, Passed on to us now. You can prepare this in large batches, store them in airtight container for an year and use as required while tempering dishes.

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Thalippu vengaya vadagam

Chinna Vengayam/ Shallots( Small onions)-1 kg
Ulli Poondu/ Small garlic-1/4 kg
Green chilles-1/4 kg
Mustard seeds-50 gms
Split Urad dal/ Split black gram dal- 250 gms
Jeera/ Cumin seeds- 50gms
Fenugreek/ Methi seeds- 20gms
Curry leaves- 8 sprigs
Nallennai/ Gingelly oil- 50gm
Velakennai/ Castor oil- 50gm (optional)
Turmeric powder- 4tsp
Salt optional-1tbsp
1.  Peel onion and garlic skins.
2.  Mince onion, garlic and green chilles in a mixer grinder( should be rough and coarse).
3.  To the onion mixture, add rest of the above said ingredients. Mix in both the oils to the mixture and keep in direct sunlight for 10 days. When these  are fully dried, Make it in to lemon sized balls and store it in airtight jars. You can store these vadagam balls for a year.
Tips to prepare
1. Take 2 balls of vadagam, crush them and store it in small container.

2. For using as tempering, to the medium hot oil add 1tsp of crushed vadagam and allow it to turn golden brown, then add the rest of the ingredients.( Do not burn the vadagam as they may turn bitter).

3.This gives you fantastic flavour in sambar,no need to add any other seasoning item or chopped onion for tempering .


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