Bittergourd masala

Bitter gourd Masala:

The name is enough to make kids run away  and I  am sure there are still some people who hate this vegetable, but it has lots of health benefits, like its good for intestinal health and helps get rid of nematode worms. It is so good for diabetic patients, does not cure diabetes but it helps lower the sugar level.This healthy vegetable has beauty benefits too. Bitter melon is invariably good for your skin. It helps gets rid of acne and gives you a flawless complexion. There are several other health benefits of bitter gourd-like weight loss.




Bitter Guard-2 nos(remove seeds,cut into small pieces)

Onion-1 chopped

Tomato -1 chopped Curry leaves 1 twig

Jaggery 1tsp

sambar masala powder 1tsp

Tamarind small lemon size Extract

Salt 11/2 tsp

For Seasoning:

Fennel seeds

urad dai oil 2tbsp

Method to prepare:

Heat Oil in a pan season with Fennel seeds and urad dal after it splutters add curry leaves

Add Onion Saute well

Add cut bitter guard saute in low flame until half fried now add tomatoes saute till it leaves the skin.

Add tamarind juice,Salt and sambar masala powder.

Sprinkle water if necessary cook until soft add jaggery mix well and transfer to a serving bowl .

Serve with plain rice and ghee.

Note:If you don’t like bitter taste soak bitter guard for 2 minutes in rice wash drained water, wash and prepare.

To feed children grind masala in a mixer for 1/2 a minute mix with boiled rice and ghee they will like it.


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