Chettinad cookbook Onion Tomato chutney


Onion Tomato chutney :

Looks Red and beautiful, Tastes good with Idly,Dosa, Ragi dosa, Wheat dosa and Appam.


Serve with Appam
Serve with Appam


Onion-2nos big , chopped

Tomato -2nos big , chopped

Cut onion andTomato
Cut onion andTomato

Red chilli powder-1 -2 tsp

Salt -1tsp

Oil -2tbsp

Mustard seeds and curry leaves for seasoning.

Water- 1 cup


Heat pan with oil,add mustard seeds,When it splatters add Onion and curry leaves saute well until it gets transparent.

Now add Tomato and salt, so that tomato oozes water from it saute for few minutes add red chilli powder & water, keep the flame low and cook for 5 more minutes.

when it starts leaving oil on its edges switch off the flame.

Serve with Appam
Serve with Appam




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