Chettinad cookbook Dates and nut balls

Dates and Nut Balls

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Dates and Nuts bite:Energy snack good for all age group.


Nuts – 2 Cup (Cashew, Badam, pista,)
Cardamom powder- 4 Teaspoon
Walnuts (optional)
Dates 1/2 cup seedless or (Jaggery)
Ghee -2 Tablespoon
Salt 1 Pinch
Desiccated coconut -2tbsp


1. Roast all the nuts for 3 mins and give them one grind. (Nuts should slightly break and mix) add dates grind 2 second in a mixer or mix together by hand.

2. Mix crushed nuts with seedless dates, cardamom powder and salt.1609820_680816535293293_6713396625740230277_n

3. Heat ghee add the mixture, Mix well


If you are adding jaggery instead of dates add now mix well Put the flame off.
4.Make in to lemon sized balls.

5.Finally roll it in desiccated coconut.

6.Dates and Nuts bite are ready.

7. Store in air tight container & relish when you like.



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