Wheat Rava Idly

Wheat Rava Idly:


Rava Idly: Courtesy L.j. Meenakshi

Broken wheat 2 cups,

Wheat Rava
Wheat Rava

Laban (Curd) 250 ml minimum if required we can add more
Little idly batter say some 3 to 4 Kuzhi karandi,

For seasoning:

Black pepper,1/2 spoon
Mustard,1/2 spoon
Uruad dal1/2 spoon
Fennel1/2 spoon
Channa dal1/2 spoon
Broken cashews few
Red chilly-4 cut in to 3 pieces
Curry leaves 2 -arc chopped
Asodofeita -1/4 tsp
Oil -1tsp


1. Keep empty pan or kadai in the stove fry the broken wheat till it’s raw smell goes then switch of the stove.

2. Add idly batter, Laban and fried broken wheat mix it well.

3. Add Asodofeita powder and salt.

4.Heat the pan again with one tsp of oil Season with the ingredients mentioned above
5.The batter has to be thick,to bring it to idly batter add some more Laban or water as you wish and keep aside for 4 to 5 hours to ferment till it comes up like our normal idly batter.

Rava Idly batter
Rava Idly batter

6.Grease the Idli plates with oil, place one fried cashews in the middle of each idly mould pour one ladle of rava Idly mix on it steam cook for 15 minutes.

It will be nice with spicy chutneys and all chicken and mutton gravy’s
If we take 4 to 5 idly normally but with this idly we will satisfy with 2 to 3 and feel filled it is healthy and reduces the intake.

Note:You can add grated carrots and chopped vegetables as you prefer.


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