kalkandu vadai

Kalkandu Vadai:

Kalkandu vadai
Kalkandu vadai

This is a sweet vadai instead of the usual salt vadai. Tastes Great.It used to be originally made with kalkandu (Sugar Candy in English & Misri in Hindi) and hence the name Kalkandu Vadai. Nowadays it is replaced with normal sugar.
Kalkandu Vadai:
Urad Dal – 3/4 cup
Raw Rice – 1/4 cup
kadalai paruppu (chenna dal)-1tbs this is optional
Kalkandu – 1/4 kg(powder it or sugar can be added 3/4 cup)
Oil for frying
Wash & soak the urad dhal – rice mixture for about 45 minutes, drain the water and spread the mixture on a clean cloth/towel. So that the cloth sucks the water. If using Kalkandu keep it ready in powdered form.


Grind the dhal as fine as possible, by adding the sugar or powdered kalkandu while grinding. Avoid water as far as possible.
Take a small lemon sized ball of the batter in your hand. Place it on a clean wet plastic sheet. Slightly press the flour and make a hole in the centre with your finger .10007538_670101453031468_1834392169_n

Remove it from the plastic and put it into the heating oil carefully for frying.

Make small vadas (like medhu vada) & deep fry initially on medium & then low fire.

The vadais puff up very well, so do not fry more than 3-4 at a time. The oil should not be smoking hot. The vadai tends be little more brown than the usual medhu vada becuase it is caramelized so don’t worry.

This measurement is to prepare 20 kalkandu vadas
The Kalkandu Vadai remains good for about a week so soft.


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  1. Solachi says:

    Please change the measurements for Kalkandu to 1/4cup instead of kg. I used ur measurement and due to excess Kalkandu it didn’t turn out properly.

    1. Hi Solachi, 1/4 cup won’t be sufficient for the given measurement of urad and rice, as you said we can take 1/4 cup of kalkandu and power it.
      Thanks for trying our recipe.

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