Sweet Potato chilli fry

Sweet Potato chilli fry:

Sweet potato chilli fry
Sweet potato chilli fry

Health benefits of Sweet Potato:

They are high in vitamin B6. They are a good source of vitamin C. While most people know that vitamin C is important to help ward off cold and flu viruses, few people are aware that this crucial vitamin plays an important role in bone and tooth formation, digestion, and blood cell formation. It helps accelerate wound healing, produces collagen which helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity, and is essen­tial to helping us cope with stress. It even appears to help protect our body against toxins that may be linked to cancer. Sweet potatoes contain iron. But iron plays other important roles in our body, including red and white blood cell production, resistance to stress, proper im­mune functioning, and the metabolizing of protein, among other things. Sweet potatoes are a good source of mag­nesium, which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral. They contain Vitamin D Vitamin D plays an important role in our energy levels, moods, and helps to build healthy bones, heart, nerves, skin, and teeth, and it supports the thyroid gland.

Ingredients :

Sweet potato- 1/2 kilo Chilli powder- 2 tbsp Salt -1/2 tbsp Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp Corn flour 1 tbsp Rice flour -1 tsp Method: Wash Finger cut sweet potato. Mix all ingredients keep for 15 minutes.


Shallow fry slight crunchy (not crispy).

Deep fry
Deep fry

If you are health conscious bake by not mixing corn flour.


Stir-fry Round cut, heat pan 1 tables spoon of oil season it with mustard, red chili 2nos, and curry leaves, fry in low fire add salt,(You can steam cook before)Sweet Potato gets cooked fast.sprinkle pepper and enjoy.


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