Garlic Milk

Garlic Milk:

As we know that garlic has high medicinal value it is being used in our regular cooking, some people used to consume in tablet form to avoid the pungent smell of garlic but the combination of Garlic and milk cooked to a smooth texture will be creamy and tasty smooth to have on regular basis this will greatly help for many to comfort your health. It can be made to a thick form or diluted form as we prefer.

Know the Health Benefits of this Garlic, milk Combination: It is the new mantra nutritionists are swearing by. From treating asthma to regulating cholesterol, garlic milk can help boost your overall health. Garlic is a rich source of flavonoids, enzymes and vitamins such as selenium, manganese, Vitamin B6 and calcium which are beneficial for the functioning of the body.. It cures cough, treats tuberculosis, Treats pneumonia, Reduces cholesterol, Prevents heart attack, Treats impotence, Treats jaundice, Relives arthritis, Cures insomnia- -Source Times of India article

Ingredients: For one serving two person

Milk 250 ml, (diluted 50/50)

Garlic -8 to 10 pods peeled and sliced


Take a thick bottom pan, add milk and bring it to boil.

Drop the peeled & sliced garlic in the boiling milk. Let it it to cooked in medium flame.

Once the garlic is soft cooked it will reduce to half the measurement.

Mash garlic to blend smooth in the milk to consume. It can be diluted milk for or paste form as you prefer.

Serve this every night for best result. This is proven by our well experienced ancestors.

It is very good to boost breast milk for feeding mothers. Still we are used to this in our family Mother’s Special.

This method of cooking in milk will help to get nice aroma and not the pungent garlic smell.

Garlic milk healthy & Tasty improves your health. We like to give you short videos in traditional Chettinad recipes through our experience along with common health benefits. Please do watch , like, share and subscribe to our channel which highly encourages our effort


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