Health Mix Porridge

Health Mix Porridge:

Healthy and easy breakfast to prepare for the busy morning. Just with few ingredients, this porridge can be prepared in no matter of time. No wonder it is a very healthy and easy to have during busy hours. Yummy…


Health mix-3 tbsp

Water- 250 ml

Powdered jaggery- 1 tbsp

Ghee- 2 Tsp

Recipe for health mix, click the link below

Click the link below to get this mix ready fresh from the kitchens of Chettinad

Health Mix / Sathu mavu for all


Add the above-mentioned health mix in 250 ml of water, dissolve without lumps, add powdered jaggery. (add more half cup water if you like drinking consistency as malt)

Bring it to boil over a medium flame, once the mix gets thicken and transparent consistency remove from flame.

Transfer to serving bowl smear some ghee on top and serve.


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