Oats Kheer/ Payasam

Oats Kheer/ Payasam:

Serving Payasam or Kheer after the meal is our traditional practice, most of us search for some sweets after our meal, to enjoy the feel of a complete meal. Especially sweets are served in our feast, with fried papad gives a peculiar taste. We might have tried with regular payasam for Pooja and parties, with rice granules, semiya, and sago (javvarisi) , but this is really a unique payasam when compared, oats and jaggery with coconut milk have amazing taste, the Flaky bite of oats and crunchy bite of ghee roasted nuts wow!!!! yummy feel.

Oats Kheer / Payasam
                      Oats Kheer / Payasam

Ingredients to prepare:

Oats 1 full cup

Milk- 3 cups

Coconut milk – 1 or 2 cups

Jaggery powder 1 cup or 200 grams

Cashew, almond chopped 2 tbsp

Cardamom-1/2 tsp

Ghee-2 tbsp

Method to prepare:

Dry roast Oats to golden yellow color to reduce the sticky nature.


Heat ghee and roast the nuts to a golden brown.

Heat 2 cups of water and melt the jaggery,  strain it and add roasted Oats.

Once it is cooked, add milk and thick coconut milk, allow it to boil for a minute.


Finally, add cardamom powder and ghee roasted nuts.

Serve chilled.




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