Coconut Kheer

Coconut Kheer :

A very simple recipe to make in minutes to serve Kheer lovers. We used to travel to a specific place where this Coconut Kheer was made deliciously to have as a special drink, to treat our friends often. Coconut Kheer takes away the place of Tea and Cofee!!! This inspired me to learn the recipe from them and share it in my blog. Let us see the recipe on delicious Coconut Kheer. Navarathri special



Coconut grated-one cup

Coconut grated -1 tablespoon, to garnish finally to have the fresh bite of coconut.

Jaggery powdered-1 cup

Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp

Cashew and dry grapes 1 tablespoon

Ghee-1 teaspoon

Rice flour-2 teaspoon.


Grind one cup of coconut with a cup of water, thick milk 1 cup, First milk.

Add another cup of water on the same coconut to extract the Second milk.

The third cup of water to get diluted milk.

totally three cups of coconut milk individually.

Dilute rice flour in the third diluted milk without any lumps.

Bring it to boil, once boiled add the second milk and grated jaggery powder, stir it to get dissolved completely.

Finally, add the first milk, roasted cashew, grated coconut, dry grapes and cardamom powder.

Now it is ready to serve hot as special.










Oats Kheer/ Payasam

Oats Kheer/ Payasam:

Serving Payasam or Kheer after the meal is our traditional practice, most of us search for some sweets after our meal, to enjoy the feel of a complete meal. Especially sweets are served in our feast, with fried papad gives a peculiar taste. We might have tried with regular payasam for Pooja and parties, with rice granules, semiya, and sago (javvarisi) , but this is really a unique payasam when compared, oats and jaggery with coconut milk have amazing taste, the Flaky bite of oats and crunchy bite of ghee roasted nuts wow!!!! yummy feel.

Oats Kheer / Payasam
                      Oats Kheer / Payasam

Ingredients to prepare:

Oats 1 full cup

Milk- 3 cups

Coconut milk – 1 or 2 cups

Jaggery powder 1 cup or 200 grams

Cashew, almond chopped 2 tbsp

Cardamom-1/2 tsp

Ghee-2 tbsp

Method to prepare:

Dry roast Oats to golden yellow color to reduce the sticky nature.


Heat ghee and roast the nuts to a golden brown.

Heat 2 cups of water and melt the jaggery,  strain it and add roasted Oats.

Once it is cooked, add milk and thick coconut milk, allow it to boil for a minute.


Finally, add cardamom powder and ghee roasted nuts.

Serve chilled.