Summer special food

Summer Special Food:

Food causes the main change in our activity during this hot summer, happens to be tired  and exhausted, How to manage this? This can be simply managed with mild and coolant food, more intake of water, butter milk, tender coconut water, and lemon juice  help us in a great deal. This will assist us to be energetic and active the day long.

Suggested food variety : Mild food like dal, Koottu, salads, Soups steamed vegetables, and curd rice are good.

Do not eat fried or spicy food which makes you thirsty after food.

Some ideas and recipe link  given below,

Rib Guard pal koottu:

Paal koottu

Curd rice:

Curd rice

Killu Vathal / Vadagam:


Kuzh vathal

Keerai Koottu:

Keerai Koottu

Vegetable Raitha :


Banana flower Koottu:

Mor Kuzhambu:

வெண்டைக்காய் மோர் குழம்பு / Ladies finger curd curry

Goose berry Rasam:

Nellikkai Rasam / Gooseber

Gooseberry Thokku:

Gooseberry pickle

Broccoli Soup:


Cauliflower Soup:




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