Badam Burfi

Badam Burfi:

Are you working women? Here is the instant preparation method of Badam Burfi. Not more than 30 minutes.

Burfi is commonly made out of Coconut or Nuts, with the same recipe, we do with ground badam (Almond) with milk paste. Badam burfi is a delicious, creamy sweet, this can be made easily, the only effort is to peel the soaked badam. Cooking time is very few minutes of effort will make you satisfied compared with store-bought expensive sweets.

Badam Burfi
Badam Burfi

Ingredients: Yield 15 pieces

Badam-1 cup

Sugar-1 cup

Milk -1/4 cup

Ghee -2tsp


Add boiling water to the almonds close it with a lid for 10 minutes, now gentle press and peel the skin it will be the easy method.

Soak badam overnight or 6 hours peel skin. OR 

Grind to a smooth paste by adding milk.


In a wide pan add sugar, ground badam, and stir continuously.

Another method is to make one string consistency sugar syrup, then add ground almond paste.

Gradually it leaves the sides of the pan.


At this stage transfer to a greased plate, Sprinkle some finely chopped badam on top press it gently, allow it to cool.

once it gets cool down, slice it to your desired shape, badam burfi is ready.


Badam Burfi
Badam Burfi




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