Uppukana Chops / Dry Meat Chops

Uppukana Chops / Dry Meat Chops

This one of our delicious Chettinad traditional recipe “Uppukkana chops”, when we get a shortage of vegetables at home, the dried vegetables and dried meat support us in a great deal to cook a variety of lovely recipes. A meal with Uppukkanam and Rasam or Thanni kuzhambu, can have a good and yummy noon.

Uppukkanam is sun – dried meat made without adding any preservatives can be stored for about six months. Our ancestors left us much variety of recipes with this uppukanam. Uppukana chops is a delicious recipe made with a little effort to enjoy. Actually, Uppukanadam is hard to chew. this chops recipe will be easier to enjoy the taste of uppukandam.

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Uppukana Chops / Dry Meat Chops:
Uppukana Chops / Dry Meat Chops:


Uppukanam- 3 to 4 nos (https://www.chettinadsnacksonline.com/collections/vathal/products/uppukandam)

Pepper- 1/4 tsp

Oil to fry – 2 tbsp


Roast the dry meat one by one, on the direct fire by holding it with a long silver stick- like object, we say karuthu in Tamil.


Pound the roasted dry meat to flatten it and fry it again in oil.

If you pound again the second time it will become very soft to chew.

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Take an Egg in a cup add some pepper to it and mix well with the spoon. Soak pound meat in the beaten egg for half an hour.




Heat tawa add 1 teaspoon of oil and fry the egg-soaked dry meat and serve with rice and sambar.

Uppukana Chops / Dry Meat Chops:
Uppukana Chops / Dry Meat Chops:

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