White chilli, Turkey berry pickle

White chilli, Turkey berry pickle:

Pamper your taste buds with the traditional pickle from chettinad . This pickle is made without any artificial preservatives. We know pickle is an excellent combination with curd rice, but this specific pickle can be matched with all type of rice varieties, even with sambar sadham. Our ancestral method of preparing this pickle loved by all in my mother’s house.We get  farm fresh turkey berry, hot white chilli, and garlic from our nearby villages in chettinad region.  Home made pickles are good when compared with shop bought pickles and also very easy to prepare, no cooking time is required.

Turkey berry is indeed highly medicinal. India has a lot of recipes with the Turkey berry. For the Indians, it is called Sunndakkai. It is scientifically called Solanum Torvum. Some researchers indicate it can be used to treat skin diseases, ulcers and abscesses. The berry is also said to be an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic for stomach problems and for the control of diabetes. For its extraordinary uses, the Turkey berry can be said to be relatively cheap. “If we are to use spices in our meals then we have to use the nutritious and medicinal spices and the Turkey berry obviously is a good one and highly medicinal.” – See more at: http://graphic.com.gh/features/features/15850-turkey-berry-the-wonderful-medicinal-plant.html#sthash.jGLv4Z1H.dpuf

Turkey berry pickle with white chilli
Turkey berry pickle with white chilli

Ingredients to prepare:

Turkey berry-1 cup 100gms

White chilli-1/2 cup 50 gms

Garlic 3/4 cup peeled

Lemon juice-1 cup 6 nos approx

Rock salt- 1 1/2

Method to prepare:

Powder rock salt, peel garlic and cut into 2 lengthwise.

Discard stalks and make a slight cross slit on each turkey berry and  white chilli.

Squeeze juice from the lime and filter it.


Take a clean jar pour lemon extract salt and dissolve it.add all vegges in to it and mix well keep in the sunlight for a day or two.

Home made healthy pickle is ready to use in 3 days.

Turkey berry picklewhite
Turkey berry pickle with white chilli

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