Pacha Milagai (Green chilli)Thokku

Pacha Milagai (green chilli) Thokku:

Extremely mouthwatering and tongue tickling green chilli thokku , wonderful combination with plain cooked rice or with any rice based main dishes.Green chilli thokku is a spicy and tangy side dish, can be stored in air tight container for 6 months.We have seen farmers used to eat green chillies with cooked rice and shallots,this helps in many ways, it has natural source of iron and vitamin C.This traditional method of thokku is very easy to prepare, Green chillies are common in Indian kitchen. No specific ingredients are necessary to procure. In olden days our ancestors used to pound the measured ingredients which gives the original taste of green chilli, now we can course grind in mixi to get the related taste of out ancestral method.


Pacha Milagai Thokku
Pacha Milagai Thokku

Know the fact on Green chillies:

Most average Indians are into the habit of eating green chillies. The health benefits of chilli peppers are present even in these common chillies that you have with your food. There are many health benefits of Indian green chillies that we are not aware of it. That is why it is said that eating green chillies is always better than adding red chilli powder to the food.

Indian green chillies are rich sources of Vitamin C. You might have noticed that having chillies helps you open up your blocked nostrils. The Vitamin C in green chillies strengthens your natural immunity to diseases.

Green chilli peppers are also rich in Vitamin E that is essential for producing certain natural skin oils. So, having spicy food can actually give you good skin.

Men should eat chillies because they are prone to prostate cancer. Scientific research suggests that eating green chillies can keep prostate problems at bay.

Diabetic can benefit from having these common Indian spices. Green chillies can balance the blood sugar levels. That does not mean you gorge on sweets and then have chillies.

Green chillies have plenty of dietary fibres. Contrary to common conceptions, eating chillies actually help you digest your food faster.

Chillies release endorphins into the brain that helps to keep your mood upbeat. So if you feel happy and joyous after having spicy food, then it is not a coincidence.

Green chillies have anti-bacterial properties. These anti-bacterial properties help to keep infections at bay. This is especially true for skin infections.

Green chillies are healthy for Indian women as well as for those who are prone to iron deficiency. Green chillies are a natural source of iron.

All the good things that you get from the chillies come at the cost of no calories. Chillies have zero calories and thus you can have them even when you are on a diet to lose weight.

Ingredients to prepare:

Green chilli-50 grms

Coriander leaves-2 stalks

Lemon juice-2 tsp optional, Note: Increase tamarind juice in case not using lemon juice.

Tamarind extract-1 tbsp

Jaggery-1 1/2 tsp

Salt-1 heap tsp

Oil-2 tbsp

Mustard seeds-1 tsp

Cumin seeds-1/4 tsp


Method to follow:

1. Heat 1 tsp of oil and saute green chillies for a minute, add coriander leaves turn and switch off flame.



2. Coarse grind or pound sauted green chilli,salt,jaggery,tamarind extract and coriander leaves.


3.In a wide pan heat remaining oil and season with mustard seeds and cumin seeds, add ground paste to it.


4. Saute until the moisture evaporates, add lemon juice and switch off flame.


5. Allow it to cool and store it in a air tight container.


It will be spicy on the first day you prepared, do not worry,the next day it will absorb and blend with other added ingredients to give balanced taste.

Above method step 1 can be skipped and follow step-2, grind without sautéing and cook finally.


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