Sivaparisi pal kozhukkattai

Sivaparisi/Red rice pal kozhukkattai:

Soft and Creamy pal kozhukkattai made out of red rice makes this sweet more delicious and natural health benefits added, without any doubt. Normally pal kozhukkattai is prepared with white rice flour, mini balls cooked in milk and added jaggery or sugar, here we use red rice flour for its health benefits and natural sweetness present in the rice enhances the taste. This is also equally delectable and soft.

Pal Kozhukkattai
                                                                    Pal Kozhukkattai

Red rice benefits a glance:

Red rice is a type of unpolished rice that has higher nutritional value than white rice or polished rice. Cooking time is usually longer than white rice and has a nutty flavor and sweeter taste.
It is rich in fibre content, Vitamin B1 & B2, iron, and calcium. Owing to high nutritive content and health benefits of red rice, it is highly recommended for heart patients and diabetics. It is also popular among health freaks and fitness enthusiasts as its high fibre content help gain less weight.

Ingredients to prepare:

Red rice-1 cup

Salt -1 pinch

Jaggery-1 cup powdered

Elaichi-3 nos powdered

Milk-1 cup

Coconut milk-1 cup

Milk maid-2 tbsp (optional to enhance the richness of milk)

Method to prepare:

1.Soak rice for 2 hours,drain water grind to a smooth paste with adding less water.

OR with red rice, Puttu Podi use boiling water to mix the flour.

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Red Rice Puttu Podi

2. Refrigerate for an hour or two, this helps the batter to tighten, excess water comes to the top of the batter.

3. Place it on the clean paper towel for the excess water to absorb.


4. Make the tight batter into mini balls up to your desired shape, place it in a plate.


5. Boil a cup of milk and a cup of water, when it is boiling add mini balls batch by batch while boiling, allow 2 minutes interval to cook for each batch, stir occasionally.

6.When the colour changed to cook soft, add powdered jaggery stir well.

7. Add elaichi powder, coconut milk and milk maid, mix well allow it to boil for a minute and switch off.

8. Soft and creamy Pal kolukkattai is ready to serve.


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