Masala Milagai podi

Masala Milagai podi:

Milagai podi  is commonly used in most of our Indian recipes.We have much variety of Powder to make the food delicious, enhance Aroma and to simplify our cooking work with minimized effort. This Masala milagai podi is all in one cooking assistant.



Let us know the difference between Podi items:

Sambar podi, is commonly used for all variety of dishes and mostly in Sambar, all mild spices with Coriander and dal with hing is dry roasted and powdered.

Click the link for Sambar Podi detailed recipe:

Garam masala is a heavy spice powder with all spices without Coriander and Red chili, Dry roasted and ground to a fine powder.

Chilli powder is a plain dry red chili powder used for marinating without any other spices.

Masala Milagai podi is dry roasted or sun-dried Red chili, Fennel and Cumin seeds with fried channa and very little cinnamon and cloves grind in the mill to smooth powder. Without coriander, Asafoetida and heavy spices.

Plain Coriander powder:

Roasted coriander grind to a smooth powder. This can be added in Kara Kuzhambu and Non-vegetarian gravies.

Uses of this Masala Milagai Podi:

This can be used in Vengaya kosu instant chutney, Therakkal, Avial and any vegetable masala it will be spicier and less aromatic, comparatively with Sambar masala, also alternatively used for Red chili powder.


Red chilli-1/2 kg

Fennel seeds-100 gms

Cumin seeds-100 gms

Fried channa(pottu kadalai)-100 gms

Dry roast and cool these ingredients and grind in the mill to smooth powder.



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