Kalkandu Pongal / Sugar Candy Rice

Pongal Variety-4

Kalkandu Pongal:

We have seen much variety of Pongal Recipes, this is special and different in taste from normal sakkarai Pongal. This can be made often with less effort, Kalkandu (sugar candy)Pongal is served along with lunch during Chettinad weddings. Also, very auspicious prasadam that we can make with ease while doing pooja’s at home, sometimes children enjoy this taste of rice with milk and sugar candy, healthy and delicious too.



Raw Rice 1 cup

Milk 2 cups

Water 1 cup

Sugar candy | Kalkandu 3/4 Cup(make it into powder or crushed well)

Cashew nuts Few

Ghee 2 tsp

Cardamom powder a pinch(Optional)or Saffron


Heat ghee fry cashews golden brown and keep it ready for garnishing.

Boil milk and water together, add rice, and cook until smooth and soft. (Pressure cook for 3 whistles)

Add crushed sugar candy and mix well stir in low flame for 3 minutes.

Garnish with saffron and fried cashews, dry grapes, and elaichi powder, mix well and serve.

This can be served hot or cool after refrigeration.


cook raw rice


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