Garam masala powder

Garam masala powder:

Healthy Indian spices with Fantastic aroma has a lot of medicinal values used in Chettinad cooking.

Ingredients to dry fry:

Marathi mughru (5gms)
Mace (5gms) or Jathippathiri
Star anise (5gms)
Cloves (5gms)
Cinnamon stick(5gms)
Black pepper (10gms)
Black cardamom(5gms)
Green cardamom(5gms)
Coriander seed (20gms)
Cumin (20gms)
Red chilly(round) (25gms)
Nutmeg (1)
Poppy seeds 1tbsp
Bay leavse 10gms

Garam masala ingredients
Garam masala ingredients

Roast all the ingredients separately to avoid burning and cool it at room temperature.

Ingredients to fry
Ingredients dry fried

Grind them in a grinder to make coarse powder to give fresh aroma while cooking do not grind in to smooth powder. Chettinadu masala is ready.
Store it in a clean and dry container.This powder can be used for all type of  dishes, vegetarian and Non-vegetarian to enhance the flavour.

Coarse grind garam masala powder
Coarse grind garam masala powder

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