Chettinad Garam masala powder

Garam masala powder:

Healthy Indian spices with Fantastic aroma has a lot of medicinal values used in Chettinad cooking for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Ingredients to dry fry:

Marathi mughru – 10gms
Mace – 10gms or Jathippathiri
Star anise – 10gms
Cloves – 10gms
Cinnamon stick- 10gms
Black pepper – 10gms
Black cardamom -10gms
Green cardamom -10gms
Coriander seed – 20gms
Fennel (saunf – 10gms)
Cumin – 10gms
Red chilly(round) – (25gms optional)
Nutmeg – 1
Poppy seeds – 1tbsp
Bay leaves- 10gms

Garam masala ingredients
Garam masala ingredients
Roast all the ingredients separately to avoid burning and cool it at room temperature.


Ingredients to fry
Ingredients dry fried

Grind them in a grinder to make coarse powder to give fresh aroma while cooking, do not grind in to smooth powder. Chettinadu garam masala is ready.
Store it in a clean and dry container. This powder can be used for all type of dishes, vegetarian and Non-vegetarian to enhance the flavor.

Coarse grind garam masala powder
Coarse grind garam masala powder

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