Kavuni Arisi:

This dish has the name of its main ingredient Kavuni Rice. This sweet is made out of a special kind of rice grown in the Chettinad region. The Purple Colour of this rice makes it distinct in appearance and intensifies its placement as an all-time favourite served in all functions. It is said, in the olden days, this rice was consumed by Kings and their family only. Later, Chettiars migrated to various countries like Singapore, Burma, and Malaysia for their business and brought the delicacies of those lands to our place. Very especially served on most of the auspicious days, Marriages in Karaikudi region.

Black glutinous rice cultivated in Southeast Asia and fondly called Kavuni Arisi in Chettinad is the typical example of such food brought from overseas. People often get confused with the red rice (kaikuthal Arisi) available in Kerala for the Kavuni Rice. The Very fine quality of this rice is available in the stores of the Chettinad region, Singapore and Malaysia. The nature of this rice after cooking will be a bit sticky. That is the quality that makes it ideal for a sweet. In Chettinad, we get this rice as hand grinned also. Healthy and scrumptious with more fiber content.

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Health Benefits of this Rice:

  • Good source of several nutrients. …
  • Rich in antioxidants. …
  • Contains the plant compound anthocyanin. …
  • May boost heart health. …
  • May have anti-cancer properties. …
  • May support eye health. …
  • Naturally gluten-free. …
  • May aid weight loss.
  • Video Link:https://youtu.be/V37YUoh1p0M  

Kavuni Arisi-1 cup


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Water 2 cups to boil
Sugar-3/4 cup, or powdered jaggery (as you prefer)
Ghee-2 tablespoon
Grated coconut-2to 3 tablespoon
Cardamom-4 or 5

Kavunarisi Black Glutinous rice
Kavunarisi Black rice

This rice takes more time to get cooked. So we soak the rice for 3 to 4 hours or (overnight) before preparing.

Pressure cook the rice adding 3 cups of water in medium fire for 10 to 12 minutes in medium flame. The rice should be cooked very soft and mashy.

Once the pressure comes to normal mash it and mix the rest of the ingredients to mix and serve.

Mash the boiled rice with a ladle when it is hot before adding sugar. After mashing, add the sugar, Powder the cardamom with a teaspoon of sugar.

Finally, add ghee, coconut grated, and mix well. The sweet is ready.

If you find the rice you are using needs more water to cook, add more next time and vice versa.


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