Northangai/ Citron Pickle

Northangai/ Citron Pickle:


Citron lime also known as rough lime or keffir lime is a member of the citrus family of fruits. It is native to India, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and other South-east Asian countries. It is widely grown in Southern India and grows in any kind of soil whether sandy or loamy. It is known as Nartanga in Hindi, Nartangai in Tamil and Herelekai in Kannada.

Health Benefits

Citron lime is known to have certain medicinal properties. The botanical name Citrus Medica is indicative of its health benefits.

Citron and Blood Pressure

In South India, the juice is highly recommended for high blood pressure. Taken first thing in the morning with warm water, the juice can help lower high blood pressure. Citron lime contains potassium which also improves heart health. This juice with warm water is also a blood purifier, cleansing and purifying the liver.

Citron pickle:


Citron lemon / Northangai- 250 (gram 2 lemon)

Crystal salt-100 gram

Method :

Peel skin, slightly naturally it has thick skin.

Remove seeds and cut into small cubes.

Place this in a glass bowl. Grind crystal salt to a fine powder.

Mix both the ingredients well and keep in the direct sunlight for 3 to 5 days, cover with a thin cloth, not a lid. Gradually it will ooze its juice.

Shake well every day to get soaked well in the juice.

this can be stored for a year period. Whenever we need, take a little from this and add chili powder and season it to enhance the flavor.




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